9 Mouthwatering Cookery Courses

by Jules on May 12, 2011

Try the durian in Asia if you dare!

If you love to cook, you probably love to try recipes from all places imaginable. But learning from the masters is far better than any recipe could ever be and hands on experience is always the best way to learn! Let’s take a journey through some of the best cooking courses available in the world;

1. Let’s begin in France at Two Bordelais. Denise and Jean-Pierre Moulle Bordelais will take you through a six day course that will entice your taste buds like never before. With him being head chef for over 20 years and her being a wine expert, there is little they do not know about the French cuisine. Their specialty, Sea Bass with Marinated Vegetables, will leave you wanting more. You will learn to shop for the finest ingredients and also get to tour the vineyards and you may even get to dine at the family chateau!

2. In Beaconsfield Italy, Anna Venuto will show you how to make all things Italian. From pomadoro sauce to tiramisu, she will show you the finer points of Italian cuisine. She includes the students in the tasting of sauces and makes a mean chocolate pudding.

3. In Ireland, Ballyknocken Cookery School will help you become the expert you want to be, or just to impress your family or friends. They have several class choices, and head Chef Catherine will take you through many different cuisines. Starting from growing your own garden, through appetizers and main dishes, choose the class you love the best. The Ballyknocken guesthouse was built in the 1950s, and now serves as the cookery school as well.

4. To learn to cook such Vietnamese delicacies as crispy spring rolls, stuffed fried wontons and tuna with saffron then head to Ms Vy who runs her cookery class at her new local restaurant, Morning Glory. Opt for the full day class in her Vietnam French colonial kitchens which look out over Hoi An old quarter. You will shop at the local markets, learn to identify and choose local produce and best of all; get to taste your creations.

5. New York City’s Greenwich Village offers CamaJe cooking class. Students work in a real working restaurant kitchen to learn some of the most important skills, such as shopping for fish, preparing sushi, hors d’oeuvres and even an elegant Thanksgiving dinner. They also have wine tasting and a bring a friend discount offer!

6. In Toronto Canada, Arvinda’s is a Mother-daughter team that teaches you to prepare authentic Indian cuisine. This hands on class will also take you for a walk through Little India, where you can view a cooking demonstration inside a restaurant.

7. If you’re a lover of South Indian cuisine, try a class at the Pimenta cookery school in Kerala’s Western Ghats in India. Here you can learn the basics in the family kitchen surrounded by a seven acre spice plantation! Some ingredients are from the actual plantation and the rest are all locally sourced. Here you’ll learn to identify and use the favours to create authentic Keralan cuisine. You will also visit local markets, tea growing plantations and temples.

8. Learn how to prepare traditional Russian cuisine on a one day cooking class at Victoria’s cookery school in Moscow, Russia. The lessons are about 3 hours long and you get to eat your concoctions at the end of the evening, along with a glass of vodka!

9. And for the vegetarians, visit Tuscany, Italy and relax among vineyards and olive groves while you learn the art of vegetarian cooking. Tour farms to choose fresh produce for your recipes, and savor delectable pastas, salads and Italian desserts that you help create. They even offer one day cooking classes if you are just passing through.

These are only a few of the thousands of cookery schools waiting for you. Whatever dishes inspire you to cook, you can find the right place to make them superb. Take your taste buds on a journey and see what you can accomplish.

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