7 Awesome Astronomy Experiences

by Jules on April 8, 2011


The night sky can be a beautiful sight to see, if you are in an awesome gazing area. Bright city lights can take away from the beauty of the stars and buildings and trees sometimes block out the most amazing constellations. So head to these prime stargazing destinations;

1. The Canary Islands in Spain are a great place to start. All the constellations of the northern hemisphere are visible year round, without the help of a telescope. Gaze at thousands of stars as they shine above you, without the distraction of all the lights of the city to bother you. The view is astounding whether you are up high or on low ground.

2. The Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights, are a breathtaking sight to see. Visible from Iceland, Greenland, Alaska, Norway, Sweden and even Siberia, the wonderful array of color and lights will leave you speechless. As solar wind particles collide with the earth’s magnetic field, the array of colors that appear will leave you awestruck. Shining atop the starry black night, the lights will swirl and form the most beautiful of patterns the eye has ever seen.

3. Karoo National Park in South Africa is known for its wonderful skies. Witness the sunrise as it lights up the sky in amazing color. And when dusk comes, the sunset will take your breath away. No wonder they are some of the most fantastic in the world. The openness makes for great star gazing, with or without a telescope.

4. In Mauna Kea, Hawaii, ascend 9,200 feet up, for some unbelievable constellation gazing. There are many public telescopes for closer viewing, and even a solar telescope for the daytime. You can even take a boat cruise through the islands to see the whole sky sparkle like diamonds!

5. For superior stargazing with little light pollution, head to the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador. World renowned for their ecosystem, the Galapagos Islands are mostly made up of national parks and world heritage sites and thanks to sitting on the equator the islands offer great views of both the northern and southern hemispheres.

6. Go down under to Northern Territory, Australia and visit Uluru, or Ayers Rock. There are many night sky shows, and astronomy guides that will show you all the wonders of the constellations. Telescopes are available, but not necessary.

7. In the southern Alps of New Zealand, we end our journey at Lake Tekapo. The awe-inspiring view around the lake is a good reason to come even when it is not dark. Once night falls, the clear nights give way to a spectacular sky show. Sit back and relax as you see stars as you never have before. This is definitely a memory in the making.

Stargazing is a relaxing, peaceful activity that will leave you warm and fuzzy every time. There are so many stars in our galaxy; we will never view them all. But finding the right location will help you to enjoy all the beauty that nature has to offer, one star at a time.

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