6 Wonderful Wine Regions of the World

by Jules on March 16, 2011

Home of some fantastic wine... Argentina

Being a wine grower is a tedious and detail orientated job. But thanks to the people who dedicate their lives to this task, there are thousands of vineyards in the world that you can tour. Wine tasting tours are very popular and can be a fantastic vacation experience. There are so many different wines, and different tastes to go with various meals. And personal preference plays a lot in which wine you choose. Let’s visit some of the places where all the magic begins.

France - Let’s begin in the Loire Valley in France. It is often referred to as the Garden of France, and produces some of the world’s best wines. The whites of this region from Amboise to Saumur are well-rounded and fruity, high quality wines. It also produces sparkling wines, which are just as fruity as champagnes, and taste just as wonderful.

Italy – In Italy, Chianti, located between Siena and Florence, is one of Italy’s major wine regions. In the midst of castles and ruins, olive groves and over 10,000 acres of wine vineyards come the most robust of red wines. The winemakers still stomp the grapes the old fashioned way, and visitors are often invited to help.

Australia – Eastern Australia is a great place to find spicy Shiraz, and Pinot Noir vineyards near Sydney. Known mostly for its sweet dessert wines, Australia also produces Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay. Local kiwifruit is often a delicious added ingredient to some of the wines.

Spain – La Rioja, in northern Spain, produces wines in three different climates for different results. From light and fruity to darker, with more alcohol content, there is a vast variety of wines to be tasted. Some of the smaller family owned vineyards will welcome you in for a tour and tasting. Labastida will give you a great guided tour. Nestled between the mountains on both sides, La Rioja is a breathtakingly beautiful wine region.

Argentina – The Mendoza region of Argentina boasts over 350,000 acres of vineyards and 800 wineries. The Andes Mountains make for a spectacular backdrop to your visit. Syrahs and Cabernet Sauvignons are abundant for tasting, and the festival of the wine harvest begins in January and continues through April. Eat drink and be merry!

Austria – Austria boasts some magnificent wineries, such as Wachau, known for it’s white Gruner Veltliner and Riesling, and Burgenland for delectable chardonnays, incredible red wines, and superb dessert wines. Most of the wines still come from family owned vineyards that have been making wines for generations. The magnificent surroundings will make this a most pleasant vineyard trip.

Whatever your taste buds prefer, white, red, rose, or even champagne, the perfect wine is awaiting you. There are hundreds of vineyards busy making them just for you. Enjoy!

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