8 Fantastic Fishing Destinations

by Jules on February 8, 2011

Traditional fishing boat in north Norway

The ancient and noble sport of fishing has long attracted serious competitors in a bid to land the largest fish. Families, couples and the lone fisherman can’t get enough of fly fishing, sea angling and even ice fishing. So why not combine your passion with a fishing holiday? These are just a few notable destinations to indulge that hobby;

1. Scotland, UK – Scotland is brimming with thousands lochs which present fantastic fishing opportunities. Salmon fishing is becoming more accessible in terms or cost and location and the season runs from March to November. The rivers of Tweed, Tay and Don also offer some great trout fishing.

2. Lima, Peru – This fishing location in Peru offers a competitive fishing location with a large variety of fish and plentiful boats to charter in a bid to catch the sailfish, flounder and sea bass.

3. Alaska, USA – Get off the beaten track in Juneau and if you’re there in the spring season you can try your hand at salmon fishing during the annual salmon run. You can also head to Bristol Bay and Kanektok River for king salmon and catch halibut in Homer. For a traditional spectacle head to the coastal fishing village of Skagway, where fishermen risk their lives to bring in their loads of king crab.

4. Cape Town, South Africa – Cape Town is a strong contender for the best fishing spot, where you can charter a boat and experience some amazing fishing with sailfish and black marlin available.

5. Sydney, Australia – This down under location provides amazing fishing opportunities as it is right on top of the great barrier reef and in Sydney you stand a pretty good chance of catching kingfish but make sure you wear some protective gear as these are pretty tough fish!

6. Mauritius, Asia – The tropical island of Mauritius is home to the big game fish; marlin, tuna and shark. Go into battle with the feisty marlin, which offer a good workout just to try to land them.

7. Aruba, Caribbean – There is a large diversity of fish in Aruba, which is a great location for both deep sea fishing and shallow water fishing. Head to Aruba between October to February for the best opportunities as the fish migrate. Live bait is favoured locally in order to catch snapper, grouper, wahoo, tuna and king mackerel. The southwest coast is a popular spot as the waves and winds abate.

8. Norway – Across Norway are plenty of chances for saltwater fishing and you can catch cod, mackerel and coalfish almost everywhere along the Norwegian coast. There are also trout and pike lakes and there are salmon waiting to be landed in the rivers.

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