How to Stay Safe on a Cruise Vacation

by Jules on November 29, 2010

Stay safe on your cruise vacation

Taking a cruise vacation has so many advantages; waking up in a new and exciting country every day; all inclusive food, drink and entertainment and meeting new people from across the world. But what if you run into trouble when onboard? Follow these tips and enjoy your cruise holiday;

1. Go easy on the alcoholic beverages and be a healthy traveler, especially if it’s an all inclusive cruise. The hangover effects will be an awful lot worse combined with the motion of the ship. Women should also take the same precautions as at home; don’t leave drinks unattended and don’t over indulge.
2. Keep your cabin door locked at night and when in your cabin and check you know visitors before letting them in.
3. Keep checking in with your travel companion, especially if you’re an all-female group. Use the same common sense as if you were on a night out at home.
4. If traveling with elderly or vulnerable companions, keep an eye on them as there have been recent cases of people falling overboard.
5. Prevent the dreaded cruise-ship sickness by washing your hands before meals, carrying antibacterial hand wipes and making sure fruit and vegetables are washed before eating. This applies onboard and on your in-port destinations. And if you have a delicate constitution, avoid heavy, rich and spicy foods, not a great combination with choppy waters!
6. Use common sense at all times and trust your instincts.
7. Be prepared and take along some seasickness remedies even if you’re not usually affected. And if you do suffer from seasickness, opt for a cruise that travels during the main season. There’s nothing worse than a luxury Caribbean cruise during a hurricane!
8. Pack a basic first aid kit in the event of minor ailments. Make sure you take enough prescriptions medicines with you as well as well painkillers, plasters and toiletries.
9. Make sure you take adequate travel insurance and check whether you’re covered for medical evacuations. Don’t forget that you could be a long way from an English speaking port and medical facilities onboard and in ports could be limited.
10. Carry emergency phone numbers with you just in case.

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