Top 5 Safest Cycling Cities Revealed

by Jules on October 5, 2010

Get on your bike...

Really get to really know your local destinations when traveling by renting a bicycle and exploring. As well as catching more sights, sounds and smells, you’ll also get some exercise and save money on more costly modes of transport.

5. Montreal, Canada – With over 600 km (373 miles) of designated cycle trails, Montreal is a very cycle friendly city indeed. They’ve spent some 134 million dollars upgrading and creating new trails and installing more cycle lock places. There is also an urban bike share project, called the Bixi bike project, where travelers and locals alike can rent one of the 5,000 bikes from over 400 cycle stations.
4. Curitiba, Brazil – The city of Curitiba has been designed with the cyclist and safety in mind and has been named one of the best places to live in Brazil. Brazilians are very keen to develop eco friendly fuel and are committed to alternative transport, such as bikes.
3. Bogota, Colombia – The city of Bogota is so cycle friendly thanks to the fact that only 13 percent of inhabitants actually own a car! So saddle up and get to know the city with your fellow riders.
2. Copenhagen, Denmark – The Danish city of Copenhagen is so keen to push cycling to visitors that the town hall offers free bikes to rent. Also the country is pretty flat, so a great place for all biking abilities and a third of all Copenhagen residents regularly bike to work.
1. Amsterdam, Netherlands – Explore Amsterdam by bike when visiting and you’ll be in great company as 40 percent of all commutes are by cycle. They’re also pretty cheap to rent and allow you to get to places easily and quickly.

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