Where to Eat the Best Food in the World

by Jules on June 18, 2010

Try the stinky, yet tasty durian fruit when in Asia.

So what’s your idea of great food? When in Scotland try the deep fried chocolate bars, try rare horse meat in France and consider dog stew in Korea! These are the top 10 cities in the world to eat some incredible (and bizarre) food;

10. Shanghai, China – Stop giggling at some of the menu items in Shanghai and get stuck into some of the local delicacies including hairy crab, pork and gelatin stuffed buns and the very tasty fish balls.
9. Milan, Italy – The chic city of Milan is home to some very expensive restaurants and local delights include panzerotti, calzone-esque fried mozzarella and tomato dough pocket and charcoal grilled beef.
8. Beijing, China – Tantalize your taste buds in Beijing with the famous Peking Duck and also check out beggar’s chicken which is baked in lotus leaves and clay. Some local restaurants serve some of the traditional imperial foods such as bear’s paw and turtle soup.
7. Hong Kong, China – Whatever type of food you fancy and whenever you want it, you will always find what you’re looking for in Hong Kong, which has an abundance of both local and international restaurants serving delights such as amazing Dim Sum served on traditional carts, fish balls on sticks and the traditional Cantonese dishes of steamed pork dumpling with shark’s fin and actual bird’s nest soup.
6. Madrid, Spain – Spain is probably most famous for tapas; little bites of olives, cured ham, toasted bread with tomato, sausages and the list goes on. Madrid is also well known for the chickpea stew Cocido Madrileño, tripe dishes and a garlic soup – Sopa de Ajo.
5. Barcelona, Spain – Staying in Spain, Barcelona offers up traditional dishes of seafood and rabbit paella, Catalan dishes of Escalivada – roasted and smoked vegetables and codfish salad.
4. Mexico City, Mexico – So much more than the world capital of tacos, Mexico City is stuffed full of local and international cuisines including burritos, tortas – cheap sub rolls, Mexican pastries such as orejas (little ears), Enchiladas Suizas, Quesadillas, Huevos Rancheros and so much more!
3. Tokyo, Japan – The birthplace of superb sushi, Tokyo is also world renowned for so-deliciously-fresh-it’s-almost-still-writhing sashimi as well as gyoza, udon and tempura. Other traditional dishes include Okonomiyaki – cabbage and batter and cabbage pancake and Gyudon – a beef and onion dish served over a bowlful of rice.
2. Rome, Italy – The second Italian city on the list, Rome offer visitors traditional Roman dishes aplenty; Fiori di zucca – deep fried zucchini flowers, famous Pasta alla Carbonara, gnocchi – semolina dumplings and Porchetta – suckling roast pig; a favorite from the roman countryside.
1. Paris, France – No prizes for guessing the number one city for food – Paris! Try the sweet treats on offer; chocolate tarts, apricot bread and macaroons. Check out the quaint bistros for traditional French delicacies of moules frites (steamed mussels and French fries), oysters, sea snails, venison (deer), boar and other games dishes.

What’s the most unusual food you’ve ever tried? Add your experiences in the comments section…

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