7 Timely Travel Insurance Tips

by Jules on May 17, 2010

Relax, you've got travel insurance, right?

For travellers across the world, recent events (natural and unplanned) are having an impact on how and when we travel. With that in mind here are some timely tips and advice points regarding travel insurance;

1. Buying your travel insurance cover within one to two weeks of booking your holiday should secure the best cover.
2. Some of your planned adventure activities may need mentioning separately on your travel insurance policy and some may not be covered all. Time to rethink that camel race you had planned!
3. Read the small print on your policy and arm yourself with our guide to the Top 8 travel insurance payout refusal reasons so that you’re prepared.
4. Many travel insurance policies are covering cancellations which are a result of the volcano, but do check.
5. Always compare prices between your holiday provider and an independent insurance seller, and read our guide to get the best travel insurance deal.
6. Some policies may allow you to add a clause that allows cancellation for any reason, but do check how much money they will refund and also how much protection you will have.
7. Don’t let a volcano put you off traveling and booking vacations, just make sure you’re insured and prepared – it’s all part of the experience after all!

Make sure you save money every step of the way with our mega-list of money saving travel tips.

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