How to have an Awesome Honeymoon

by Julia on February 3, 2010

Relax, you're on honeymoon...

If you’re planning your wedding then don’t forget to also plan an unforgettable honeymoon. Use getting married as an excuse to book plenty of time off work (the boss will be understanding, it being a special occasion and all) and book yourself a mega-vacation!

First comes the most exciting part of honeymoon planning; choosing your ideal location. Will it be Asia, will it be Africa? Think about what you and your new spouse want to do on honeymoon (apart from the obvious!) such as trekking, sightseeing or safari. Here are our honeymoon vacation suggestions;

1. Tanzania – Enjoy a honeymoon filled with amazing wildlife and incredible landscapes and take your pick of these Tanzania adventures; luxury safaris, hot air balloon safaris and for the adventurous couple, tackle mighty Kilimanjaro.
2. Greece – Perfect for couples into history and culture as Greece is brimming with ancient archaeological sites. Greece also boasts of stunning beaches, idyllic beaches and offers plenty of opportunities for cruises and island hopping.
3. Vietnam – Go somewhere a little bit different after you’ve tied the knot. Vietnam has got it all; trekking, kayaking and motorbiking. Oh and lots of temples, markets and even a water puppet theater!
4. Nepal – Explore Kathmandu and beyond on a Nepal honeymoon and maybe try one of the many treks on offer, including Everest and Annapurna. There are also plenty of other things to do if you don’t fancy a trek; soak up the Nepalese culture, take a wildlife safari and watch the stunning sunrises.
5. Argentina – If you picture your honeymoon packed with wine, glaciers and waterfalls, then look no further than Argentina. Make sure you sample the delicious wine, visit breathtaking Iguazú Falls and tango the night away in hot Buenos Aires. If you have extra time then make sure you head down to Patagonia to witness the incredible and glimpse whales.

Honeymoon Travel Tips

1. Women should consider traveling under their maiden name for their honeymoon for the sake of convenience. Driving licenses and passports will all be under the maiden name and you need a marriage certificate to change these to the married name, which puts way too much pressure on the time allowances. Don’t forget that your paperwork will all need to be in order to make it through airport security!

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2. When you’ve chosen the perfect honeymoon, make sure you have adequate travel insurance to cover your trip and that you get any immunizations in good time.
3. When you book your holiday accommodation make sure you tell them it’s a honeymoon and ask for an upgrade and special goodies; champagne, chocolates, spa bath (you get the picture).
4. If the boss has been generous and granted you a decent period of leave then you should make the most of it! Combine several adventure tours in your chosen area to create a truly individual holiday.
5. I know that your wedding day is special but do draw up a budget and stick to it! Ditch the non essentials; white doves, princess carriage, his and hers thrones, you get the picture! Focus on getting the most for your budget and make your honeymoon budget go further by booking your tours direct from local tour operators.

Finally, relax and have an awesome honey-cation!

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