Are you ready for supersized travel?

by Julia on November 23, 2009

This boat is tiny compared to the new super cruiser!

It’s official – travel is getting massive – literally! The world’s biggest cruise ship has just been unveiled, weighing in at 225,000 tonnes and able to carry 6, 296 passengers. Meanwhile a mega jumbo aircraft is also in production which will be able to carry 840 passengers!

The Oasis Of The Seas is the world’s biggest cruise ship and is equipped with its own open air park, ice rink and amphitheatre and the 1,187 foot long ship has been kept top secret. The ship is 40% bigger than any existing cruise ship and the launch party featured a pop concert from Rihanna.

The new Airbus A380 mega jumbo double-decker aircraft has been ordered to serve a high-density route. The craft will seat an incredible 840 passengers in “its spacious and extremely quiet cabins”, although with 839 fellow passengers this remains to be seen! It is said that the new plane will have the lowest fuel costs and emissions per passenger ever.

Supersize travel sounds OK in theory as long as the logistics have been well thought out. For instance how quick will boarding/disembarking be and will there be enough facilities to go round?

What do you think? Would you be happy to board and fly with 839 others? What do you think of taking to the seas with 6,295 others on a cruise liner?

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