How To Survive The Airport Wait

by Julia on October 12, 2009

Chill out whilst you wait for that flight.

There’s nothing worse than waiting around at an airport before your holiday begins. You can’t exactly leave the terminal and you don’t want to give your credit card another hammering, so do something else instead;

1. WiFi – Check out the wifi and catch up on emails and all that social networking you might have missed out on.
2. Culture – Some airports have art galleries, swimming pools and even gardens which all help relieve the boredom.
3. Read – Use this as a great opportunity to read that novel you had stashed away and stock up on magazines to browse. When you’ve read them you can swap them so you get double the reading pleasure.
4. Music – Load up your MP3 player before you travel and listen to some tracks which might not have had an airing for ages – just don’t miss your flight call!
5. Play – If you’re travelling with kids then check out the play areas in the terminals so the kids can burn off some energy before the flight.
6. Eat – Try to plan a meal or snack at the airport so you can kill some time.
7. Shop – Or browse! You don’t need to spend a fortune – check out the latest fragrances, try a few sample beverages and window shop – unless you see that killer bargain of course!
8. Pray – Most airports have chapels so you could pop in and chill out.
9. Massage – Many airports offer massages and beauty treatments whilst you’re waiting which is great way to spend some time.
10. Sleep – Catch up on some shut-eye – there are often special sleep areas – but keep an eye on your luggage and your departing flight!
11. Lounge – If you know your wait is going to be lengthy then why not consider checking into your airline’s lounge? There will be a fee (ask for a discount) and you could be enjoying snacks, drinks and activities on tap.
12. Chat – Why not have a good old fashioned bonding session with your travelling party. If you’re traveling solo, never try starting up a conversation with yourself – it’ll just look too weird!

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