All You Ever Wanted To Know About Armenia

by Julia on October 1, 2009


If your travels include visiting Armenia then follow our advice and tips below to get the most out of your adventure;

Armenia Health and Insurance - No vaccinations are required for travel in Armenia and there are no health risks. The water is very clean and safe, although you may prefer to buy bottled water. You will find registered pharmacies in all the cities and towns and all will stock basic medications. If you have any special requirements, you are advised to take a supply of those medications, especially prescription medications. There are numerous medical facilities with many qualified doctors that practice across all specialties. The doctors and hospitals often expect cash payment for their services and you are advised to check with your medical insurance company, before travelling, to ensure that your policy applies in Armenia. Also check that your policy covers emergency expenses such as medical evacuation. Double check whether payment will be made to the overseas healthcare provider or if you will be reimbursed later for any expenses incurred.

Read the full Armenia Travel Guide and then search for an Armenia Tour to suit you.

Armenia Money – An average meal out in a restaurant should cost around 14-18 USD. Tipping is not compulsory although it will be appreciated. Be aware that Armenia is still largely a cash-only economy and credit cards are not widely accepted in the majority of shops and restaurants. There are however several ATM machines in Yerevan and other cities.

Armenia Communication – There are plenty of internet cafes in Armenia for you to catch up on emails when away or to grab an internet fix.

Armenia Navigation – To get the most out of your trip to Armenia, it is recommended to use an experienced local tour guide. They can organize as much of your activities in the country as you like, and they will have wide knowledge of the places to visit, including historical, cultural, religious and social sites. The tour guide will be able to give you ideas and suggestions on what to do and see and can recommend good local eateries.

Armenia Visa – To get a tourist visa for Armenia, you should apply to the Embassy of the Republic of Armenia in your country or online at Another option is to get your visa on arrival at Zvartnots International Airport. Visa regulations can and do change without notice so do check the current regulations before travel.

Armenia Climate
– Pack small and light for Armenia. From early May to late October the weather is generally warm and pleasant with some hot days in July and August. Sometimes it can be cooler in the mountains so pack a few warm sweaters. A day pack to carry your personal accessories is also a great option, especially when you are out and about.

Armenia Safety – Armenia is generally a safe country although a neck wallet or money belt is always recommended when travelling in the world. Make sure that you use any hotel safety deposit boxes to keep your passport, air tickets, cash and valuables safe.

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