Top 12 Items Stolen From Hotel Rooms

by Julia on September 24, 2009

Mmm this hammock would look great in my garden. I wonder if it will fit in my luggage?

Sure, most of us would admit to the odd toiletry item or bathrobe finding its way into our luggage, but stealing a grand piano or a stuffed boar, surely that’s taking it too far?

1. Grand piano
2. Television (less wasteful than throwing it out of the window I guess)
3. Stuffed boar
4. Sex toys (I don’t even what to know what kind of hotel provides these!)
5. Curtains
6. Room number
7. Crockery
8. Busts (of the plaster cast variety!)
9. Flowers (there you go guys, if you forget your partner’s birthday, you know where to look!)
10. Pet dog
11. Famous artwork
12. Fireplace

What will you admit to ‘borrowing’ from a hotel on your travels, let us know in the comments section. Thanks to the Telegraph for this amusing (and sometimes bizarre) insight!

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