How To Make Money From Your Holiday

by Julia on June 22, 2009


Don’t go without a holiday this year! Instead wise up on how to save money and maybe even make money when you book your next holiday into the bargain as well!

Earn Cashback – Consider getting a credit card that offers cashback when you make a purchase on it. The rates will vary so do shop around and make sure you pay the balance off to avoid any interest charges. Cashback sites could also be a good way to get back a percentage of what you spend. Do your homework though and make sure you compare deals.

Sell Photos and Articles – Budding photographers could get paid for their work, especially if you spot something unusual or unique and photo agencies are willing to pay for quality snaps. Likewise with articles and blogs, if yours stands out from the crowd, then you could make money from it. If you’re planning a round the world trip, you may be able to get your trip part-financed as there are companies out there looking for on the road bloggers.

Become a Tour Guide – Quality English speaking tour guides are always in demand especially if you have knowledge on a specialist subject and love talking! Why not contact your local tour operators and offer your services.

Buy To Sell – Check out the shopping opportunities in your destination and do a bit of research before you go and you could stock up on goodies to bring back to sell. This can be a great way to finance your trip but do check your local customs rules and regulations!

Asia is a great location to buy items to sell. Electronics items here tend to be newer models and a better price (depending on your currency). Always a good buy is tailor-made silk clothing, household furnishings and smaller ornaments and trinkets.

Create Reviews – Turn critic whilst on holiday and create a video review of your hotel and destination and post adverts beside your videos and reviews. This could be a great way to make money from your holiday.

Rent Your Home Out – Consider renting your home out on a short term let whilst you are traveling. Try your local agents or online classified websites. The right home in the right location could earn you some decent money.

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