Air Travel Tips for a Happier Flight

by Julia on June 25, 2019

Traveling can be a stressful experience, especially if you have never flown before. Nowadays, flying is daunting due to confusing security checks and smaller seats. Here are some air travel tips that will help you to have a good traveling experience:

Arrive Early

You should not wait for the last minute to rush to the airport. You should arrive at the airport early enough if you do not want to miss your flight. Your flight will be more relaxed if you arrive early and do the necessary things before boarding it.

However, arriving at the last minute is a recipe for disaster. Whether you are going on a work trip or vacation, early arrival will save you from a headache.

Check in Online

If you want to avoid standing in line for hours, you should check in online. If you have checked in online, you just have to go to the luggage drop off area. With all the paperwork completed, all that you need to do is drop off your bags. Online check ins have made everything so much easier and save time.

Travel with Carry-on Bags Only

If you are flying to warm areas, you do not need to pack many clothes. A few strappy dresses and some sandals will do. For men, several pairs of shorts and t-shirts will suffice. Most hotels provide toothpaste, soap, and shampoo for their guests, so you do not have to carry yours. What’s more, you can always buy toiletries at the gift shop when you run out of them.


You need to consider what you can bring with you on the plane. If you carry liquids more than 100 milliliters, sharp objects, and aerosol cans, airport security might take them. To make sure that you only carry the necessities, you should look through your luggage twice before you depart.

To avoid repeating clothes during your vacation, you should pack mix and match attire that you can wear differently each time. If you have medication, you should speak to doctors such as this sinus doctor in Connecticut to make sure that it is allowed on planes.

Bring Snacks

More flights are cutting down on the food items that they give to passengers. For this reason, you need to stash your bag with snacks. A snack will fill you up and save you from buying plane food, which can be expensive. Snacks are especially important if you are traveling with children; you do not want to be stuck on a plane with a grumpy, hungry child.


When going through security, you should place everything that they need to see in a plastic bag. Men should not wear belts to avoid time wastage. You should also have some clean socks and slip on shoes to make security a breeze. Do not keep anything in your pockets and keep your travel documents in your hands.

Load Music and Movies in Your Phone

You can never count on the flight’s entertainment system. You can avoid boredom by packing your iPad or phone with movies and TV shows. You do not want to be bored on a long flight because the entertainment system is not working.

Even if the entertainment system is working, you might have already seen everything on it. Carrying your own entertainment will also keep you busy at the airport, as you wait for your boarding time.


The above tips will make your flight more enjoyable and keep you from having an anxiety attack. Instead of being stressed out, there are plenty of ways to make your flight easier and more fun.

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