A Guide to Multi-Destination Travel

by Julia on June 21, 2019

If you want to see the world all at once or can’t quite decide on your dream destination, you should consider multi-destination travel, which can enable you to visit more than one location in the same trip. Although this takes organization and pre-planning, multi-destination travel can help you to make the most out of your trip of a lifetime and can even save you money.

Choose Your Holiday Type

Some holiday types are made for multiple destination travel, and one of the best options for newbie travelers is choosing to go on a cruise holiday. Not only will you be able to book all of your destinations at once, but this allows you to follow a pre-determined itinerary to much-loved countries which all have the best of the continent to offer you. All you need to do is sit back, relax, and have a drink or two.

Other travel options include going on the road trip of a lifetime. Although is a great option for people who can drive, this can become exhausting for the driver, and you will be relying solely on yourself to work out directions and get from place to place. However, this does give you the advantage of being able to stop when, where, and for how long you want.

Create a Map

The first part of planning that you should do when thinking of a multi-destination trip is to create a map of your dream locations and how you would travel between them. This allows you to see the proximity between locations- if you are flexible about the locations that you visit, you should look at booking holidays with dream destinations that border each other. For instance, mainland Europe is a great option for traveling to multiple destinations in one day, with many backpackers choosing to travel from countries such as the Czech Republic, through Vienna in Austria, Slovakia and onto Budapest in Hungary. This allows you to make the most of your holiday by visiting countries that you may not get a chance to again.

Consider Stopovers

If you are flying abroad, you can add multiple destinations to your itinerary by looking at indirect flights. Indirect flights are notoriously frustrating for travelers as it will take you longer to reach your final destination. However, this can be a treat for travelers who have an urge to visit other places, as long stopovers mean that you have the opportunity to explore another country for a few hours- or even a day. What’s more, these flights are often cheaper than direct routes, meaning that you can save more money for enjoying yourself in your destinations.

Check Travel Requirements

However, traveling to more than one destination does come with considerations, and you should always make sure that you check government advice and requirements for every country that you are visiting, including visas, travel insurance, and vaccinations which may change from country to country. This will make sure that you are able to enter each country safely and without any issues.

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