Ways To Prepare Your Home For An Extended Absence

by Julie on July 7, 2017

Even the most experienced travelers worry when they are away from their homes.  The fear of burglary, an electrical house fire, freezing/broken water pipes, and a plethora of other terrible scenarios is enough to keep a person up at night.

The most effective tool against these plaguing worries is knowledge.  Some tragedies simply cannot be avoided, but there is no need to lose a home due to ignorance.  Take a moment to become a bit better informed on a few ways to prepare a property for an extended absence, and gain some peace of mind while out on the opened road.

How to prepare the pool for dormancy

Not everyone has a pool, but if there is a swimming pool in the backyard, there are certain steps that should be taken to prepare for its extended dormancy.  There is more to do than simply turning off the pumps and draining the water.

The first step to preparing the pool for absence is to drain it down to around two feet of water.  Chemically treat the water with pool shock and anti algae agents, and pull the cover over the top.  Once the cover is in place, lay a netted covering over that to catch excess leaves and debris.

The leftover water in the pool will protect the lining from weather damage.  The lowered water level will also provide added safety while the owners are away from the pool, and the lined covering will make for an easy reopening.

Electricity and gas devices

When it comes to any device ran on gas, shut it off at the supply.  If there is no way to manually cut the supply from inside the home, go to the meter.  If necessary, contact the local gas company and have the gas shut off while the family is away.

Preparing water lines and pipes

Broken water pipes and leaky lines can cost a whole bunch of money when left unattended.  The best way to protect against such catastrophe is to simply turn off the main water supply to the home.  If turning off the water supply negatively affects the home’s sprinkler systems, then manually turn off each individual water supply inside the home.

Install and set programmable light timers

It is common sense to make sure all of the windows and doors to the home are locked before leaving, but programmable lighting is a creative way to keep the home looking occupied.  Install and set programmable lights to turn off and on at specific times throughout the day.

Stop the mail and newspaper deliveries

To avoid a pileup (and an obvious sign of vacancy), stop delivery of the mail and newspaper while away.  Keep the mail and all the personal information it contains in the hands of the professionals.  The post office can even forward the mail to a more convenient location.

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