Beginners Guide to Planning Boating Holidays

by Jules on September 13, 2012

There is always something about being on the water that is not only soothing and relaxing but also thrilling and exhilarating. There is a boating holiday our there to suit all tastes and budgets with an abundance of worldwide destinations, purely depending on adventurous you are!

Suggested destinations for boating holidays

There are many great locations around the world that are known for their boating holidays. The scenery from the great wonders around Europe, Asia and the Americas can leave you with memories for a lifetime. Some of the other smaller boating holidays can include river canals and inlets, while longer trips to the high seas with cruises can bring you to numerous ports of call. A visit to Italy, for example, has two very enjoyable forms of boating, the cruise ships sailing around the country and neighbouring islands as well as taking the smaller gondolas and other river boats to tour the rivers and water inlets. Here you will find all types of water canals and river boating. On your way to the boating venue, it is advisable to confirm all your logistical needs are intact. Management of the season that you opt to go for the boating holiday will influence the fun that you get. From specialists, one is able to get the best advice on the season for boating at specific destinations. Seek reviews and feedback from your friends, colleagues, family and online travel forums with other travellers that have had similar trips. With all the equipment, fully reserved accommodation, boat and accompanying travellers, you’ll be ready for your adventure!

Safety Tips

If you are thinking about embarking on your own private boating holiday, be sure that you are fully trained to operate a boat, that you’ve acquired boating licenses where applicable (again check with your operator) and familiar with all the boating laws and the rules of the water. These will include the very basic safety measures to be taken. Make sure your chosen vessel comes fully equipped with life saving devices, which again is probably required legally. A beginner’s course in naval navigation is always a good idea if you plan to take a few boating tours. Make sure that you are conversant with the laws governing the spot that you choose as the regulations will vary with country or state.


The internet provides a good starting point for information on anything that you need for good boating experience along with our travel tips and advice. Starting with your departing point, finding which business that are able to provide the features and amenities as well as pricing, you are looking for will give you an idea of what to expect. Check with local regulating and boating authorities will also help you to avoid getting into trouble. A listing of companies that lease out boats will be available online with reputable companies.

Prepare for your boating holiday as you would for any other holiday, by being fully knowledgeable of what is involved, what to expect, all contact information, etc. For smaller boating trips or private excursions, having boating training will be invaluable. As a reminder, make sure all the precaution and first aid lifesaving necessities are on board.

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