How to survive when your luggage is lost

by Jules on July 11, 2011

Keep an eye on your luggage!

There’s nothing worse than waiting at the luggage reclaim carousel after a long vacation flight and realising that your baggage is a no-show! Follow our tips for how to survive when you become parted from your luggage;

Before traveling

Choose wisely – Don’t opt for a standard black suitcase that 99% of other travellers have; go for something brighter and more noticeable. Or customise your black baggage with ribbons, stickers or sew-on patches.
Insurance – Make sure you have adequate travel insurance that covers you against luggage loss.
Swap clothes – Swap a couple of changes of clothes with your traveling companion and if your luggage does go missing, at least you have a change of outfit.
Essentials – Keep any medications and travel essentials with you in your hand luggage to avoid any inconvenience.
Check in – When you are given your baggage identification labels at check in, keep them in a safe place as you may need them later!

What to do if your baggage is lost

Seek help – Head to the baggage service area where staff will take all of your details and ask to see the baggage labels.
Wait – Your details will then be stored on a central database and you may get access to a baggage tracking website.
Chase – Be persistent in contacting the airline and in most cases you should be reunited with your luggage pretty quickly. Make sure the airlines have your full accommodation address so your bags can forwarded to you with no delay.
Claim – If your baggage doesn’t appear you might be able to claim from your own insurance or from your airline. Check the individual policies.

When traveling

Shop local
– If your luggage is lost or delayed for a while then go shopping locally to replenish your clothing supplies. Hit the local markets and department stores to create your new local capsule wardrobe.
Don’t stress – As long as you have any medication required and other essentials from your hand luggage, just try to enjoy your holiday and don’t get stressed!

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