7 Battlefield Tours in the World

by Jules on July 6, 2011

Battlefield tours make for a thoughr provoking vacation

Visiting a battlefield site can be a sombre and thought-provoking experience. Many famous battlefield sites, especially from World War 1 and II and the Civil War offer battlefield tours which is a good opportunity to learn some history whilst traveling;

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, USA
– Gettysburg was a three day battle that happen in Adams County when Robert E. Lee tried to invade the North in 1863. The battlefield consists of over 1,000 monuments that honor the people who died during that battle. The first place to visit while at Gettysburg is the museum. It has some of the best relics from the actual battle. The second place at Gettysburg is the David Wills House. This house features the room where Lincoln wrote the Gettysburg Address.

Gallipoli, Marmara, Turkey – For 9 months during 1915 the Gallipoli conflict was fought on the Turkish peninsular between Turkey and a British Army aided by troops from Australia and New Zealand (ANZACs) and French. The troops wanted to reach the Ottoman capital and push on into Russia. Around 100,000 men lost their lives and today travellers can visit the 31 Commonwealth graves at the Gallipoli and French cemeteries. The Australian memorials are at Lone Pine, the New Zealand memorials are at Chunuk Bair and Twelve Tree Copse and the British at Cape Helles.

Bunker Hill, Charlestown, Massachusetts, USA – Bunker Hill is a 1775 battle that happened on the Boston Harbour between the British troops and the American Continental Army. The best thing to do while at Bunker Hill is to go to the museum which features some exhibits about the battle itself. It is a great way to find out more of the history of the battle.

Pearl Harbor, O’ahu, Hawaii, USA – Pearl Harbor was attacked in 1941 by the Japanese navy. This caused the United States to declare war on the United States therefore leading to World War II. The first thing to do while at Pearl Harbor is to visit the museum. The museum has all of the sights and sounds that lead up to the attack at Pearl Harbor. The second thing to do is to visit The Remembrance Circle exhibit. This exhibit pays tribute to the people who died that day.

Battle of the Somme, Somme River, France – The Battle of the Somme is one of the World War I battles that happened between 1 July and 18 November 1916 between the French and the British troops. The first thing to do at Somme is to visit the many museums. The second thing to do is to take a history tour. The third thing to do is visit the memorials.

Antietam, Sharpsburg, Maryland, USA -  Antietam is a battle that is known as the bloodiest day in the Civil War. The first thing to do while at Antietam is to visit the museum. The second thing to do is to take a scavenger hunt on the battlefield. The last thing to do is take a tour of the battlefield.

DMZ, Central Vietnam – Travellers can visit the Demilitarized Zone in central Vietnam which was created in 1954 following the First Indochina War between the French and the Viet Minh.  The 5km area was off limits to the troops of the then split north and south Vietnam. However, over the following twenty years the DMZ became one of the most active battle sites. Today it’s best to join an organized tour which leave regularly from Hue (75km away) as there are still unexploded landmines. You’ll visit the Ben Hai River site,  Khe Sanh combat base, Vinh Moc tunnels and The Rockpile.

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