Canoeing and Kayaking holidays Travel Guide

Canoeing and Kayaking Holidays Holiday Activity Guide

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"Canoeing or kayaking holidays, such as a Halong Bay tour kayak, are a great way visit wild places. One can travel longer distances than are possible on foot, and the advantage of being able to take more gear is a big plus for some people. It is difficult to beat the quiet satisfaction of spending days on the water, moving under one’s own power. Wildlife is attracted to water, and paddlers are often able to observe many species of animals.
For those who plan to participate in a paddling adventure a basic level of fitness and flexibility is important. Upper body strength is important, and any fitness club or gym can design a program to help strengthen shoulders and torso muscles. Flexibility can be just as important as strength, and stretching exercises can help ensure that injury will not occur. It is important to keep in mind that paddlesports are not just about upper body strength. One must have a balance of muscle tone in arms, torso and hips."

Suggested Canoeing and Kayaking holidays:

Yukon River, Canada
Canada’s Yukon River canoe trips follow the route of many who sought gold in the 1890's. Staged in historic Whitehorse, trips led by competent outfitters travel from Johnson Crossing to Dawson City. Approximately 31 miles a day will be paddled downstream, and camps are set up on islands or sandbars to minimize contact with bears and mosquitoes. See distinctive erosional formations in the clay banks called hoodoos, and visit ancient villages including Little Salmon which is believed to be the oldest permanent Indian settlement on the Yukon. Plan on 3 weeks for this trip, only in July and August.

Coastal Canoe trip, Thailand
Instead of the far north, consider Thailand. From several hours to 8-day excursions, there are sea canoe expeditions available to visit the tropical waters and limestone caves of Phang Nga Bay and Phuket. Beach camping and paddling by starlight may be included in the package. Wildlife, including macaques and sea eagles, abounds. With the bustling cities of Bangkok and Phuket nearby, entertainment before and after the canoe trip is always an option.

Canoe holiday to the Adriatic Coast, Croatia
The Adriatic Coast of Croatia is a Mediterranean wonder. This unspoiled area is dotted with islands– beaches, fishing villages, rocky headlands and vineyard covered-hills all beckoning international adventurers. Expeditions between many of the islands by sea kayak are available through several Croatian outfitting services. Other activities to showcase Croatia may be included in the adventure packages, such as snorkeling, rock climbing, bicycling and more.

Lake Canoeing, Adirondacks, USA
The Fulton Chain in the Adirondacks of New York State, United States, has long been known for lake canoeing. This popular canoe route is also the venue for the 3-day, 90-mile Adirondack Canoe Classic Race. Flatwater paddling does not appeal to some people, but this route has been traveled by thousands since the creation of some of the eight lakes in the late 1700s by damming Moose River. The Fulton Chain is a great way to see the glory of the Adirondacks without strenuous hiking. The lakes are filled with panfish, and a leisurely 12-15 day trip to cover the 125 mile route can be an angler’s dream come true.

Katherines Gorge, Australia
Katherine Gorge National Park in northern Australia is a must-see vacation for outdoor lovers. But only those who travel by canoe can really see the gorges. The powered boat tour will only access two or three of the thirteen existing gorges. The motor boat and canoe day-trip area is very crowded, but once you pass the second gorge the wilderness will be nearly all yours. Although this is only a 2-3 day trip, it is strenuous with upstream paddling, and rock portages. May- October only. Quotas dictate that you reserve early.

Boundary Waters, USA.
The Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW) of upper Minnesota, United States, is probably the best-known American canoeing venue. This 1.1 million acre area is a protected wilderness, and entry is regulated by quota. During the summer months you will see other canoes or kayaks, but never enough to call the area crowded. Camping is restricted to designated sites to protect the area. Moose and bear may be seen. It is certainly possible to augment camping supplies by fishing and berrying. Rugged portages exist between most of the thousands of neighboring lakes. The ecosystem is boreal and dominated by spruce, balsam, maple and birch. Guided tours are available, but most paddlers simply use the excellent McKenzie maps of the area and plan their own trips. The BWCAW connects directly to Quetico National Park of Canada, and with proper documentation, paddlers can enjoy an international expedition.

The Amazon, Equador
Ecotourism on the Amazon, Equador, is another outstanding canoe adventure. Visit the protected Cuyabeno Nature Reserve. At least one outfitter offers non-motorized canoe trips so that one can hear and see the many insects, birds, and monkeys of the tropical rain forest. Selecting a good outfitter can mean that anyone, with very little canoe experience, can enjoy the outing. Floating downstream, and limiting the hours per day on the river make these trips less physically demanding than some canoe adventures. Other activities such as jungle hikes and cultural tours make this an outing to remember.

The Zambezi River, Zambia/Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe’s Zambezi River can be traveled by canoe. A 23-day expedition into Hwange National Park will bring you within sight of Victoria Falls. View elephants, hippos, black rhinoceros, lions, crocodiles and exotic birds. Numerous other activities which can include bungie jumping, air tours, and horseback riding, are included to keep this adventure on a fast pace.

Whether one prefers a self-guided, wilderness outing, or the expertise of an outfitter/guide, there are worldwide options for paddling adventures. As with most adventure vacations, with some research it is possible to find trips for those of average to advanced skills in any type of climate.

Kayaking and canoeing, Halong Bay Tour, Vietnam
The best Halong Bay tour has to be a kayak or canoe adventure through the serene and picturesque waters. Try a real Halong Bay travel experience as you paddle between the water villages and through amazing natual rock formations and caves.

A Halong Bay cruise is also a great option to explore the area in comfort and warmth whilst still getting a fascinating insight into the lives of the people that live their entires lives on small settlements on the waters.

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