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Climbing Holidays and Mountaineering trips - Holiday Acivity Guide

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Have you ever dreamed of standing on the summit of a Himalayan Peak? Or of climbing in the Alps? There are plenty of specialist companies offering guided ascents and training peaks, from small rock faces to Mt.Everest itself. If you have the necessary experience and fitness levels for your selected challenge then climbing a 6,000 metre mountain is no longer the preserve for the major expedition. You can start of smaller climbs and training holidays, learning as you go until your experience opens up the whole of the mountain world to you."

Suggested Climbing and Mountaineering Holidays:

In its simplest form, mountaineering involves hiking or climbing a mountain. Many variations exist on this ancient sport, including backpacking, ice or rock climbing. People who participate in the sport of mountaineering often enjoy the challenge of reaching the summit, or top, of new mountains. While you don’t need to be in peak physical condition to begin this sport—people of all ages and conditions can make day treks or climbs up smaller mountains--longer treks do require a lot of cardiovascular effort and physical endurance. When planning a mountain climbing holiday, make sure you take your exercise and fitness level into account when deciding upon a climbing location. You also need to consider the gear and equipment needed carefully—a beginning climber might require a tent, food and sleeping bags, while a more advanced one trying to scale a higher mountain, often needs climbing ropes, and even rock and ice gear. Since some mountains call for an experience level that many beginners do not have, it might be wise to hire a guide or a company that specializes in mountaineering to help ensure your safety and comfort. Even a day climb can involve drastic variations in temperature and altitude, leading to complications such as dehydration, altitude sickness or hypothermia. Here are some globally renowned locations that offer some of the world’s most unique and unforgettable mountaineering and climbing experiences.

Climbing in the French Alps.
Many novice climbers begin their climbing career by booking a mountaineering holiday to Mount Blanc, the highest peak in the French Alps. Mount Blanc provides climbers with the experience of ascending a snow-covered alpine peak. You can even incorporate skiing into your holiday since a number of ski resorts operate in this region. Numerous companies offer climbing trips at a variety of levels, ranging from beginner to more advanced. People interested in rock climbing can find a number of tour companies that organize these types of expeditions—many even include instruction for beginners.

Sea Cliff Climbing in Pembrokshire, Wales.
Climbing the cliffs of Pembrokeshire Coast National Park offers a thrilling view of the Celtic Sea and the verdant green scenery of Wales. You will never forget the experience of abseiling, or rappelling, down your rope with the sea swirling underneath your feet. Guides on these tours follow an ecological code of conduct that focuses on protecting and preserving the natural environment. This is a great place for beginning rock climbers to practice and learn this sport.

Summit Climbing and Trekking in Nepal.
Nepal offers 326 different peaks with numerous mountaineering experiences that are suitable for climbers of all skill levels. While many climbers dream of a trip to the summit of the world’s tallest peak, Nepal’s Mount Everest, this trek can be extremely arduous and difficult—making it difficult for inexperienced climbers. A number of other snow-capped Nepal peaks offer breathtaking views of the mountain scenery, but are more suitable for those of different ability levels.

Climb or cave ancient glaciers and try your hand at ice climbing, a sport that offers a new twist on traditional mountaineering. You can explore Gjábakkahellir cave, an Icelandic lava tube located in one of Iceland’s active volcanoes. Hike to the top of Eyjafjallajölkull glacier, Europe’s largest glacier, for unforgettable views of the entire island of Iceland. Many companies will provide all of the equipment you need for ice-climbing, as well as instruction for beginning climbers.

Indian Himalayan Trekking.
If you lack the more advanced skills needed to climb Nepal’s higher Himalayan peaks, you can still enjoy breathtaking views by trekking in the Indian Himalayas. Explore the carved valleys and glaciers of an area that retains its charm and pristine wildness. These off-the-beaten-path treks offer a chance to explore the hidden beauty of this region of the world.

Climbing Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa and its snow-capped peak looms over the beautiful scenery at the northern border of Tanzania. This mountain is made of 3 extinct volcanoes, with the highest peak Uhuru, standing an amazing 19,340 feet (5,899 meters) high. If you ascent the mountain via the Machame Route, you can see a wide variety of birds and other exotic animals found in this region.

Mountaineering in Mount Khuiten, Mongolia
This mountain is found at the borders of Russia, China and Mongolia and climbers must walk across vast scenery that includes the green steppes, the barren desert and the rolling golden hills of the Altai Mountains. Climbers to this region enjoy the hospitality of the Kazakh nomads and can truly experience one of the most remote areas of the world.

Mountaineering on The Matterhorn, Switzerland.
This mountain is recognized by many as the birthplace of the modern sport of mountaineering. The distinctive pyramid shape of this mountain makes it one of the most well-known landmarks in the world.

Climbing in Denali, Alaska, USA.
Mount McKinley, or Denali, located in Denali National Park, is the highest mountain in North America. Rising 20,320 feet (6,194 meters) into the air, many climbers assert that the views offered on it ascent are some of the most amazing in the world. Since its location makes it prone to avalanches, climbing attempts of Mt. McKinley must be carefully planned—May and June tend to be the safest and most popular times to climb the mountain.

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