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“Studded with limestone and corals across the stretch of the blue sea, Palau seems to be a garland of pearls against on the North Pacific Ocean. The Republic of Palau archipelago is an island nation located in the Pacific Ocean and is 800km (500miles) east of the Philippines. The length of harbors that run for over 640km have the world’s largest concentrations of fish, corals and other forms of marine life. With over 250 islands, Palau is one of the best destinations for diving and snorkeling enthusiasts. Being an island country, it has loads of adventure tourism to offer to anyone planning a holidays to Palau.”

Palau Holiday Highlights

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving - Palau is so vibrant with marine life that it is often referred to as “God’s Aquarium”. The diving infrastructure in Palau is well developed and is invested in by a number of agents. Tours can be either conducted with you on board on the site or can be practiced in more remote locations. The coral reefs of this country shelter over 1,500 species of fishes and sea anemones. About 700 species of corals forming the reef are a spectacular sight for all snorkelers. Divers can witness gardens of coral, plunging wells and the remains of the wrecks that occurred during the Second World War. The colorful fishes including reef sharks, wrasses snappers, triggerfish, cuttle fish, manta and eagle rays present a psychedelic sight to the divers. The Siaes Tunnel is often frequented by reef sharks, the German Channel sees Manta Rays and the Chandelier Cave which are comprised of underwater chambers of stalactites and the Rock Islands all attract visitors. An amazing jellyfish ecosystem has been made up in the Jellyfish Lake and is a good snorkeling destination as the jellyfish have had their stings removed.

Sea Kayaking - Being encircled by the ocean, sea kayaking is without doubt a happening sport in the country and guided tours are tailor-made according to the abilities of the kayaker. The Rock Islands are one of the best places for kayaking because of the ecosystem and is among the ruins of World War II.

Submarine Tours - Visitors can watch the incredible underwater wonders of Palau in submarines without getting wet.

Fishing - Both deep-water fishing and light tackle are available for sport fishers in Palau. The variety of game fishes includes the snapper, tuna, wahoo, blue marlin, mahi-mahi and giant trevallies. The Palau Fishing Association conducts an annual fishing derby during the months of April and May. For the more relaxed fishers, spear fishing, bottom fishing and reef fishing opportunities are also available.

Hiking - Hike through the lush green jungles, traditional villages and ancient monoliths that are still a mystery. Engage a local tour specialist to ensure you don’t miss a thing.

Island Hopping - The islands of Palau are inviting with rocky coasts, stretches of beaches, elegant mountain scenes and the tropical rainforests. You can sail on a tour boat and hop from island to island while you snorkel or scuba dive. Helicopter tours of the islands are also available over a longer period of time. In fact helicopter tours are a great way to watch the white garland on the face of the Pacific Ocean. These air tours are private and the only other way you can watch the Palau Islands from air is when you get to the country on your charter flight.

When To Go

The weather in Palau is warm and pleasant throughout the year, making it an ideal year-round destination. Monsoons visit the island between July and October. However, the sun never fails to shine on these islands even during the heavy rains. There is no fear of storms as violent as typhoons while you are in Palau.

Top Tips

  • Diving and snorkeling should be practiced with immense care and under the guidance of professional diving schools.
  • Appropriate gear should be used while taking part in sea sports.
  • Respect the matriarchal society that used to be a part and parcel of the Palau social structure.
  • Homosexuality is illegal in Palau.
  • Public displays of affection are frowned upon.

Classic Itineraries

  • Island hopping on tour boats or helicopters
  • Snorkeling in the Rock Islands
  • Kayaking the Rock Islands
  • Scuba diving in Ngemelis
  • Fishing around the Pacific while kayaking or touring islands

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