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“With a wonderful cosmopolitan attitude and picturesque countryside and towns, Luxembourg is an ideal holiday choice for the discerning traveler. The attractive green rolling hills and fertile valleys are a beautiful setting for a family holiday, and there’s much to do and see. From the Müllertha forests to the rich Moselle Valley, you can travel Luxembourg to enjoy historic sights, modern nightlife, or outdoor recreation. Water-ski on the River Moselle or hike the trails. This country offers something for everyone.”

Luxembourg Holiday Highlights

History & Culture – Luxembourg’s fascinating culture will invite you to reminisce of the days of old. Watch the changing of the guard at the Grand Duke’s residence, the Palais Grand Ducal. And while in the middle of the capital city, Luxembourg-Ville, see the Place Guillaume, and the incredible seventeenth century Notre Dame Cathedral. There are museums where you can go to learn of Luxembourg’s past, such as the Museum of the City of Luxembourg, and the National Museum of History and Art. In Echternach, you should visit the museum located within the 7th century Benedictine Abbey and step back into the past as you see the fifteenth century Town Hall. Move on to Clervaux, a medieval town boasting a 12th-century castle. There you will tour the war museum and the art photography collection of Edward Steichen.

Walking Trekking & Hiking – Throughout Luxembourg you’ll find many marked hiking routes, and you can experience the dense forests and lush valleys firsthand. The region around Müllerthal is considered “Little Switzerland” and you’ll find clear brooks and streams with intricate rock formations. Hike to the castles on top of the hills. With over 170 official routes and 19 national routes, you won’t have a lack of paths to follow through the amazing Luxembourg countryside.

Sightseeing – In the capital of Luxembourg City, you will tour fabulous fortresses and twisting cobblestone streets as you take in medieval sites and historic remains. Walk the casemates, which are underground tunnels -- and then head for the area around the Plâteau du Kirchberg by crossing the bridge of the Pont Grand Duchesse Charlotte. View a wonderful castle in Vianden while moving up in a chairlift travelling over 1,400 feet in elevation. Nearby, at Bourscheid, you can spot another marvelous castle.

Nightlife – After a full day of exploration on your holiday in Luxembourg, you have to relax and enjoy some of their delectable food. From delicious pastries and cakes to excellent smoked pork dishes and omelettes, it will be obvious that you won’t find better vitas anywhere. Evening entertainment in Luxembourg will please; there are music concerts, theatre performances, nightclubs, and discos. The legal drinking age is now 17.

Water Sports – At Upper Sûre National Park you’ll find a lovely lake perfect for sailing, windsurfing and swimming. Resorts that offer great sailing, sun, and transparent waters include Liefrange, Insenborn, Remerschen, and Echternach.

Climbing – Try some exciting rock climbing near Berdorf. This area has several great facilities and is located in the Müllerthal area.

When To Go

A good time to visit Luxembourg is during the warm weather months from May to September. The northern region tends to be colder and wetter than the southern region.

Top Tips

  • When you’re invited to someone’s home for a meal, you should bring a gift or flowers.
  • You can use Luxembourg’s public transportation to travel from city to city and can purchase multiple journey tickets in advance.
  • Electrical voltage is 220 volts AC.

Classic Itineraries

  • Take the Petrusse Express through Petrusse Valley to see historic fortresses.
  • In the square Fëschmaart, you can get to an area with lively entertainment and wonderful cafes by taking a lift down through ancient rocks.
  • In the Moselle Valley, you can tour a lovely castle that inspired one of Victor Hugo’s paintings.
  • Visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the City of Luxembourg with its old quarters and fortifications.
  • In beautiful Luxembourg City, the capital, see the architectural sights of the Cathedral of Our Lady with its black spires and see the Palais Grand-Ducal built in Moorish-style during Spanish rule in the 1570s.
  • See history and heritage in the capital at the Bock Casemates, rock galleries and passages carved under the Bock by the Spanish in 1744. See also the Cimetière Militaire Allemand, Pétrusse Casemates and the US Military Cemetery.
  • Museums in the capital include the Am Tunnel, an underground art gallery, the Bank Museum at Banque et Caisse d'Épargne de l'État and Neumünster Abbey.


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