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PureTravel Says
“Situated between Switzerland on one side and Austria on the other, Liechtenstein is an excellent holiday destination with its stunning mountains that become amazing cycling routes during the summer and challenging ski slopes during the winter. The region is known for its winter activities that include ice skating, sledging and skiing. Liechtenstein also offers its visitors the chance to explore its pretty villages and unique structures that are scattered across this lovely country.”

Liechtenstein Holiday Highlights

Skiing, Skating and Sledging - The region has some amazing peaks that are covered with snow during the winter and ideal for skiers of all abilities. The popular Malbun peak is 5,250 feet. A number of ski lifts have been set up on the mountain along with the opportunity to skate in an all natural ice rink. Another popular peak is Steg which stands at a height of 4,250 feet and has a cross country skiing loop with three different distances. Steg is also renowned for the breath taking sledge run.

Walking & Hiking - The typography of Liechtenstein gives it some of the most amazing walking and hiking paths. Particularly popular is the hike from Gaflei which is situated at a height of 4,920 feet. The hiking path goes along a high ridge that divides the Rhine and the Samina valley.

Cycling - The valleys of Liechtenstein and other low lying areas have 96km of dedicated cycling routes on either sides of the River Rhine. Experienced mountain bikers can even take their cycles on the hiking paths if they are looking for some serious adventure.

Paragliding - With its high mountain peaks and low lying valleys Liechtenstein is ideal for paragliding. Use a local tour operator who will organise the ideal activities for you.

Museums - Various museums dot the region and Liechtenstein has made a great effort to safeguard their artistic heritage. Visit museums such as Schellenberg-Ruggell and Truesenberg. Other prominent museums include the National Museum, Postage Stamp Museum, the Ski Museum and the Liechtenstein Art Museum which displays art work from renowned artists such as Rembrandt, Van Dyck and Rubens.

History & Culture - There are great museums in Liechtenstein and a lot of history to explore throughout the country. The region of Schaan are famous for its Roman excavations, Domus, St Maria zum Trost and the local theatre. The medieval castle of Schloss Vaduz from the 16th century serves as the capital city’s landmark. The Gutenberg Castle and St Peter’s Chapel at Balzers are other sites that are not to be missed.

Feast on Local Cuisine - There are plenty of great places in Liechtenstein where you can get a taste of the local cuisine and each region has its own unique cuisine waiting to be sampled.

When To Go

The weather of Liechtenstein is trademark alpine with warm wet summers and mild winters. The summer season is ideal if you want to explore the region on hiking and cycling trips along with paragliding. If you want to take on the slopes of Liechtenstein on skis, sledges and skates then head out during the winter season.

Top Tips

  • Although the region is considered to be relatively trouble free it is still advised that foreigners exercise the usual cautions.
  • Check the entry and visa requirements of your country.

Classic Itineraries

  • Skiing, skating and sledging on the mountains
  • Cycling through the stunning mountains
  • Paragliding

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