Denmark Travel Guide

Denmark Adventure Travel Guide: Ideas and Inspiration

PureTravel Says: “Denmark, with its clean coastline and picturesque villages, is a wonderful holiday destination. In this Danish wonderland, there are beautiful coves and sandy beaches to enjoy, as well as interesting sights and sounds to experience. From historic castles to unspoiled forests, this country has much to offer every traveller. Denmark has changed from its early history of Viking invasions to a world-class country giving warm hospitality to its visitors. Wander the cobblestone streets of Copenhagen or explore any of the 400 islands surrounding Denmark. Cycle through small villages or take a quaint ferry across the water. Take in the culture and absorb the distinct Danish style. You’ll want to come back again and again.”

Holiday Highlights

History & Culture - No matter the part of Denmark you choose to tour, you’ll find fascinating glimpses into the past. Dating back to times of the Vikings, this country offers flavours of both history and heritage. In Denmark, sights exist that are breathtaking in scope, such as Roskilde and the Viking Ship Museum or the Amalienborg Palace. Get a taste of Denmark’s past by touring all the famous spots while on your holiday.

Sightseeing – There are countless locations worthy of seeking in Denmark and you may have to extend your holiday trip in order to see everything. You don’t want to miss any of the sights here. As you enter the harbour when approaching Copenhagen, the Little Mermaid statue is there to greet you; and once in the city, you can use Copenhagen as the hub for the rest of your sightseeing adventure in Denmark. Visit small towns and villages like Ribe and Odense. This charming country will claim your heart.

Do-It-Yourself Tours – Whether you want to see Denmark’s most popular sights or find the less-travelled routes, plan your own itinerary with the help of a tour guide. This is a useful service for people who choose independence for their holiday but want to retain a sense of safety in their adventure. Plan a walking or driving tour through big and small cities such as Arhus, Odense, Renders, Ribe, Viborg, Copenhagen, and many more.

Nightlife – After an exciting day of exploring sights, you can add to the fun by experiencing Denmark’s nightlife. Many cities are quite active at night, particularly Copenhagen and Århus. Attend a Denmark opera at the Opera House by the harbour, or listen to jazz in a small establishment for an artsy crowd. There are many choices and just as many pleasures.

Cycling – Peddle-biking is a great way to get around in Denmark! There are hundreds of miles of cycling routes throughout the country, and all provide you the greatest of scenery and the best of what Denmark has to offer. You won’t be fighting with vehicle traffic since many trails prohibit the use of cars and trucks. From Søndervig to Sjællands Odde, and all the places you might see in between, you’ll find that the grandeur of Denmark is unforgettable.

Water Sports – Denmark makes a great destination for your holiday if you love water sports. Sailing is a favourite here and with more than 500 harbours and numerous islands, you won’t have a problem finding water. Windsurfing is popular here too, as well as simply enjoying the fabulous beaches. If you want conservative beaches, you can go to Henne Strand, where nude bathing isn’t permitted. Otherwise there are many beaches on the east coast of Jutland or on the island of Bornholm where you can enjoy the sun.

Fishing – The facilities are excellent in Denmark for whatever you prefer in the way of fishing; you can fish in either freshwater or saltwater. If you want a fishing tour, you can hire one in any Danish harbour, such as Elsinore or others, by consulting the local fishermen. The entire coast of Denmark is a great habitat for sea trout and other fish, with the lakes and rivers not far away.

When To Go

Denmark’s busy season runs from late June to August. A good to visit is between April and November when there are mild temperatures and little rainfall. Summer is from June to August and sees temperatures of around 61-77F.

Top Tips

- Legal drinking age in Denmark is 18.
- Tipping is not necessary in Denmark as hotels and restaurants give prices that are inclusive.
- Restaurants will display a sign saying they have food for diabetics when they give this diet special attention. The sign will have the word ‘Diabetes’ in it and words go around a picture of a chef’s head.
- All businesses are closed on June 5 for Denmark’s Constitution Day and many are closed the day before and day after the holiday.

Holidays in Focus

History and Culture - There is so much to learn and to see in Denmark! The bygone eras of Denmark are preserved in its museums and historic sites. At the Arken Museum of Modern Art in Ishøj, you will marvel at the photography and sculptures that show post-war movements and modern architecture. In Copenhagen, just one of the many places to visit to learn of the past is Kastellet, meaning the Citadel. Here you will see a 300-year-old fortress that highlights the Norwegian gates and the fabulous Gefion Fountain as well as the well-preserved guardhouses. While you’re in Copenhagen, don’t miss the changing of the guard at Amalienborg Palace, the winter residence of royalty in the center of the city. In Hadsten, you should stop and see AClausholm Manor, a terrific castle with stables and park. It was built in the 1690s and presents a fascinating history. If the Queen isn’t in residence at her summer home, you can tour the Marselisborg Castle in Århus. The Danish Firefighting Museum in Åbyhøj contains some incredible nineteen-century fire engines with interactive exhibits for all ages.

Sightseeing - The whole family will enjoy the sights in Denmark. The kids will especially love Legoland at Billund. Children and adults alike will learn about the famous literature of Denmark by visiting Odense and the birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen. The favourite for the grownups might be the Carlsberg Brewery in Copenhagen, where you can view the operation of the world’s oldest brewery. Don’t miss the tasting room! Flower lovers will adore a stop at Denmark’s Tivoli Gardens, also in Copenhagen. Here you will you find a peaceful lake and gardens filled with tulips and roses. Most nights there is also entertainment including theatre performances. Then climb to the top of the Round Tower that will give you a panoramic view of the city. As you move through Denmark, to the most darling small towns and villages, like Dragør or Ebeltoft, you will fall in love with this perfect holiday.

Nightlife - You’ll be able to relax with the nightlife in Denmark, and will have a wide choice of music and entertainment. Copenhagen is the first pick for lively evenings. There are world famous performers who appear here in various jazz and dance clubs. Beer gardens are favoured hubs. The Bo-bi Bar, a club established nearly a century ago in 1917, is still running and showcases great jazz musicians. At the Café Ketchup you will find hip customers who display that flair and fashion of Denmark nightlife. Get some Danish beer at Hviids Vinstue. In Århus and Ålborg you will also discover some exciting nights of fun and frivolity.

Cycling - You should devote at least part of your holiday to cycling through the Denmark countryside. This is a fabulous way to see the scenery and get plenty of fresh air. If you like to see a land with windmills, you can cycle past the fields and through small villages as you move around Ærø. It’s relatively flat and you’ll see across miles and miles of Denmark. Another route you can take is the West Coast route from Rudbøl to Skagen. With the scent of the sea following you, you’ll move along the landscape by the ocean and see the power of it against the coast. Bike from Hanstholm to Copenhagen or from Rudbøl to Møn where you can breathe in the breezes off the fjords and admire the white chalk cliffs. You’ll also be crossing at least nine islands, which gives place for short breaks and picture-taking times. Tour Bornholm’s fertile farmlands to see Denmark’s eco-friendly farming methods. The opportunities are limitless.

Water Sports - Sandy beaches await you in Denmark. The dunes will protect you from the sea winds, and the beaches are unspoiled wonderlands. Remember to check the beaches since many of the public areas do not state if they permit nude bathing or not. Most do permit nude bathing. You’ll find great beaches in Jutland on the eastern coast and in Funen. You can find plenty of sailing in Denmark as well. You can find open waters in the Baltic Sea or sheltered areas in the Funen Sea. Try renting a sailboat and getting out in the water at Limfjord. Windsurfing is great in the inlets and other protected areas.

Fishing - The Danish harbours of Elsinore and Frederikshavn are wonderful fishing spots for an adventuresome fishing holiday. While in any location in Denmark, you will only be about thirty-five miles from the sea, making it an excellent opportunity to cast your line. Sea anglers will find some of the best sea trout fishing here. Well-stocked lakes and rivers are a perfect choice for first-timers or experienced fishermen. You can fish the fjord waters around Limfjord or fish the Karup or Skjern rivers. Remember to be informed of fishing restrictions and regulations as well as any closed seasons.

Danish Cities

Copenhagen - The Danish capital city of Copenhagen is cool, cultured and cosmopolitan. There is a lively café culture, thriving music scene, superb shopping facilities and excellent museums and art galleries. Find out why this small, yet perfectly formed city was the European Capital of Culture in 1996. Copenhagen also hosts the European Green Capital 2014 honour.

Classic Itineraries

- See the fairytale-like Egeskov Castle, a Renaissance castle in Fyn.
- Tour the production settings for “Hamlet” in Helsingør by seeing the fortress of Kronborg.
- In Aalborg you can view the world’s largest Viking burial ground and explore a monastery.
- Visit Hillerød and see Frederiksborg Slot and the amazing Renaissance castle.
- Explore the National Museum and National Gallery of Copenhagen.
- Visit the Tivoli Gardens themepark - the second oldest in the world.
- Explore the canals, harbour and Little Mermaid Statue of the capital.
- Explore authentic Copenhagen on a canal tour in the Østerbro district.
- Check out the Danish music festivals: catch the Copenhagen Jazz Festival each July and if current music is your thing, be sure to check out the annual Roskilde Music Festival which is held each summer.
- Discover the mighty Oresund Bridge, which opened in July 2000 and connects Copenhagen to Malmo in Sweden.
- Discover the opulence of the Frederiksberg district in Copenhagen and see why the city frequently appears on various ‘Top 10 Green Cities’ and ‘Top 10 Best Places to Live’.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites

- Jelling Mounds, Runic Stones and Church
- Roskilde Cathedral
- Kronborg Castle
- Ilulissat Icefjord

Bank Holidays

Year long: European Green Capital 2014 (Copenhagen)
1 January: New Year's Day
17 April: Maundy Thursday
18 April: Good Friday
21 April: Easter Monday
16 May: General Prayer Day
29 May: Ascension Day
30 May: Bank holiday
5 June: Constitution Day
9 June: Whit Monday
24 December: Bank holiday
25 December: Christmas holiday
26 December: Christmas holiday
31 December: Bank holiday

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