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“The Ukraine is one of the largest and most versatile destinations in Europe. This beautiful landscape includes the Ukraine’s majestic Carpathian Mountains and coastal towns along the Black Sea. Visitors will love exploring the beautiful cities that contain wonderful examples of Renaissance architecture with a distinctly Russian feel. The country also boasts many historical areas that offer great insight into the Ukraine’s history. In addition, the amazing natural surroundings offer the perfect opportunity to explore the outdoors. Water sports and mountain activities are very popular, many of which are available throughout the year.”

Ukraine Holiday Highlights

History & Culture - Ukraine’s past has had a significant impact on its culture. There are many cities that have a distinct Russian influence and in addition, there are numerous opera houses and other ancient buildings that show off the amazing baroque and Renaissance architecture that is so famous in the country.

Water Sports - Water sports can be undertaken all year round in the Ukraine. In the warmer months, swimming and boating are popular. In the colder months, fishing is popular and a catch ensures a good meal.

Mountain Activities - There are many mountainous areas in the Ukraine that provide some activities which can be enjoyed all year round. Skiing and snowboarding are popular in the winter months and walkers trekkers will enjoy the challenge of the cliffs and mountain ranges in the warmer months.

When To Go

For those who wish to explore the culture of the country and enjoy the warm waters, you should come during the summer or fall months for warm and dry climate. The winters are cold and snowy, making those months the perfect time for exploring the mountains.

Top Tips

  • It is common to be invited to dinner by Ukrainians, so be sure to become familiar with local traditions and greetings.
  • It is considered bad taste to show public displays of wealth.
  • The Ukraine has been improving its telephone and Internet use, but both types of connections remain slow. Internet cafes or prepaid Internet cards (for laptops) are the best methods for connection.

Ukraine Holidays In Focus

History and Culture - With sweeping coastal towns and mountainous terrain, the landscape and beauty of the Ukraine has roots from several countries. With Eastern and Western traditions present in all spheres, the Ukraine offers a unique and interesting way of life that visitors will love to discover. The country was part of the Russian Empire until only recently, after failed attempts by Russia’s government to incorporate it into the Soviet Union. The Ukraine has shown immense strength as they continually struggle for independence and freedom.

Architecture - The capital city of Kyiv is a great place to start a cultural tour of the Ukraine. This city, which was founded in the early ninth century, is one of the most obvious areas to find Russian influence in the Ukraine. There are incredible examples of Renaissance and baroque architecture that are commonly found throughout Europe. In Kyiv, some of the most preserved areas boasting Russian influence can be seen in the churches and cathedrals all over the city. These places of worship were built in accordance to the Orthodox faith, making them even more solemnly extravagant and intricate. The Caves Monastery is a perfect example of the incredible religious architecture that can be found in the Ukraine, which also include an eerie maze of catacombs just under the church’s walls. The city of Kyiv is well known for their museums and more artistic cultural venues. The Museum of Ukrainian Art, which houses a large collection of regional art from local artists, is a particularly interesting site. Other cultural sites include the Historical Museum of Ukraine and the Opera House.

Venues - There are countless museums, theaters and other popular cultural attractions easily found in the Ukraine. The city of Lviv is the oldest in the country, as well as one of the oldest in Europe. Great examples of Renaissance and baroque architecture can also be found here, as well as many theaters and opera houses, including the Ivan Franko Opera House. Lviv is also home to many great museums, including an open-air museum that showcases a wonderful old-world feel. The city of Odessa is an important cultural spot in the Ukraine. This is the most culturally expansive and sophisticated city in the country with some of the world’s largest opera houses and most exciting nightlife. However, the area is possibly most famous for the Potemkin Stairway. The site was made famous by the acclaimed film Battleship Potemkin and is a fascinating stop. The area of Crimea is another popular destination that has embraced more modern traditions. The vineyards found in this region are particularly appealing, with many wine tastings held year round.

Relics - There are several areas in the Ukraine that hold great historical significance, with many sites and relics commemorating various wars and political treaties. One such commemorator of significant cultural interest is in Sevastopol; here, visitors can find the remains of one of the country’s most secret destinations, the Black Sea naval headquarters. This site allows visitors to go underground to see the country’s old submarine base. Yalta is another interesting city with great historical impact. This city is where the Livadia Palace can be found -- which was the site where Churchill, Stalin, and Roosevelt met to reconfigure Europe in 1945. This was also a popular vacation destination for Russian tsars in the years before the Bolshevik Revolution.

Water Sports and Mountain Activities - Some of the greatest outdoor activities can be found in the Ukraine, including water and mountain experiences. Many of these sports can be done in warm and cold months, making Ukraine regions a great destination year round. Although the water features of the Ukraine are not as popular as some other attractions in the country, there are still many wonderful opportunities for water sports, swimming and boating of which are the most popular. Although short on areas with water, the Ukraine does show off the beautiful Dnieper River, located in Kyiv. In the winter months, many still flock to the Ukraine for ice fishing.

The country’s mountain activities are equally as interesting as water activities. The Carpathian Mountains visible throughout the Ukraine have some great areas for climbing and trekking. In the winter months, skiing and snowboarding are common and many of the mountain towns boast wonderful resorts. Some of the best resorts include Drahobrat, Bukovel, Slavsko and Tysovets.

Classic Itineraries

  • Be part of the Lake Victoria Orthodox Epiphany service.
  • Take an educational tour of Chernobyl, where you can witness the site of one of the world's worst nuclear disasters.
  • Take an architectural tour of some of Ukraine’s 11th-century cathedrals, including the St Sofia Cathedral and the Cathedral of St Vladimir, which also offers lovely grounds and rest areas.
  • Celebrate Kyiv Days during the last weekend in May to take in music, plays, and fireworks.
  • See Ukraine’s ecological reserves: the Shats’kyi National Park, the Cape Mart’yan Reserve, and the National Park Podil’ski Tovtry.

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Architecture in Ukraine

The capital city of Kyiv is a great place to start a cultural tour of the Ukraine. This city, which was founded in the early ninth century, is one of the most obvious areas to find Russian influence in the Ukraine.

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