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“Romania may have a famous reputation as a vampire hotspot sitting on a dark and wet countryside, but the country certainly has much more to offer than an eerie past. Romania is the largest country in the Balkan states, with a large offering of activities to take part in. The country has a diverse cultural combination of Ottoman and Roman influences, offering a great culture to discover. There are several cities that have access to seacoasts and lakes that offer great opportunities for water sports. There are also many nature trails and national parks that offer great trekking opportunities as well as access to nature explorations.”

Romania Holiday Highlights

History & Culture - Romania’s culture is an unexpected and intriguing one. Old memories of darker past and gothic architecture slowly are being transformed into profound historical bedrocks and a real merchant city. Romania is a culture filled with people who are proud to work for their country’s change. It is just as important to study the lifestyles of Romania’s people as it is to study the sights and cultural exchanges in Romania. There is amazing historical interest in many cities; this is shown in various buildings, churches and other monuments. Romania’s bustling market community also offers great insight into the country’s way of life by showcasing their foods, crafts and overall way of life. There are also many quaint cities in Romania that still have that old-world feel. The music and dance of the country are equally inviting and give a great insight into the culture of Romania.

Water Sports - Although often given the reputation as being dark and cold, Romania actually has some great opportunities for water sport participation, allowing travelers to see just how warm Romania can be. There are many wonderful coastal hotspots on the Black Sea that offer great diving and swimming possibilities. In fact, there are many opportunities to explore for tropical fish and other marine life while in the country. There is also a great concentration of wildlife around these coastal areas that adds even more opportunity to discover some of the wildlife without leaving the waterside.

Walking & Trekking - The diversity and complexity of Romania’s terrain make it a perfect spot for walkers and trekkers, and there are many great hiking spots all over the country. Romania’s national parks and nature reserves are always popular among trekkers for their versatile surroundings. Outside of these parks and reserves are more mountainous terrains, which are perfect for the more experienced trekker. Overall, if visiting in the right time, trekking is one of the best ways to see the Romanian countryside and nature of the country and is perfect for those who love the outdoors.

Nature & Wildlife - Romania’s national parks and nature reserves aren’t just for walking and trekking. These areas are some of the best places to take nature tours, and take a closer look at the natural surroundings of Romania. There are various mountains, caves and bodies of water that are the perfect place for wildlife to meet. There are numerous species of bird and other wildlife in Romania, which offer a great sightseeing opportunity that travelers will love.

When To Go

Romania’s summer months have the warmest temperatures. During the winter, from December to April, the country is very cold. The areas surrounding the Carpathian Mountains are particularly cold and are prone to snowfall. The coasts are the warmest areas of the country.

Top Tips

  • Visitors should typically dress in conservative clothing.
  • Respect the local customs, especially during first introductions.
  • Always make sure photography is allowed when taking pictures of cultural areas where a fee may be required.

Romania Holidays In Focus

History and Culture - Romania’s culture is fascinating and the heritage of the people dates back to the days of Saxon rule, where regions like Transylvania ruled the land. Transylvania is perhaps the best-known region in Romania. The most popular site is Bran Castle, which has long-been rumored to belong to the original Dracula. The castle was actually occupied by Vlad the Impaler for centuries, who was a droll medieval king and inspiration for the creation of the character Dracula. Within the site, there are numerous monasteries and churches throughout the area, many of which have painted murals made by ancient groups. Saxon is another great place to find fortified churches, including the Biertan Church, which is one of the oldest in Romania and sits on top of a hill as a beautiful view for visitors.

Another great city is Bucharest, the capital of Romania. This city, which is nicknamed the “Paris of the Balkans” is a beautiful and charming city. Here there are many medieval Romanian structures that give the city a distinctly ancient feel. Bucharest is also the location of many interesting buildings such as Calea Mosilor, Magheru, Calea Dorobantilor, Soseaua Kiseleff and the Vernescu House. The Palace of Parliament is in Bucharest, which is often described as resembling a large wedding cake. This palace is the second largest in the world, and should not be missed.

The medieval city of Sibiu is also a great draw, with many wonderful areas to explore. This area is actually the original region of the Transylvanian Saxons, and still maintains many forts and towers that have been re-created into some of the country’s best museums. Other towering palaces include Buftea, Heresti, and Mogosoaia, all of which showcase the traditional style of Romania. There are also many other monasteries and historical buildings in Romania, including Cernica, Caldarusani, Pasarea, Snagov and Tiganesti.

Water Sports - Although known as a colder country, Romania has a lot to offer when it comes to water sports. The Danube Delta is a great place to try, which is the largest wetland in Europe, and offers great boating and water-skiing opportunities. The Black Sea Coast offers the most traditional water areas, with many sandy beaches all along the coast. Here, snorkeling, diving and surfing are the most common activities. Some of the most popular areas to partake in these water sports are in Eforie Nord, Constanta, Neptun, Olimp, Saturn, Aurora, Navodari and Costinesti. Also, it is good to remember that there are many resorts located in these areas, which are the perfect place to enjoy water sports more fully.

Trekking and Nature - Trekking and nature tours in Romania are both popular activities and both activities can be done in tandem thanks to many of the same areas accommodating both things. Trekkers will love going through the Carpathian Mountains, which are surrounded by dense forests filled with wonderful nature paths and hiking trails. In addition, there are many resorts around these mountains, the combination of nature and accommodation make for the perfect place to start a trekking adventure. Some of the most popular areas for these activities are in Sinaia or Semenic.

Other beautiful natural wonders to investigate are the mountains and lakes in Fagaras and Retezat. Here, one can explore any number of the 10,000 caves that are found throughout the country, which are delightfully eerie and old. Some of the best places for cave exploration are in Bihor, Apuseni and Mehedinti, all of which have great views and scenery to offer.

Another great place to explore nature in Romania is the Danube Delta. Here, over 300 species of wildlife and birds co-exist in a completely wildlife-maintained habitat. Some of the species here include boars, otters, wildcats and foxes in addition to many rare species of birds. In fact, this area in Romania also contains a biosphere reservation that helps to preserve the area and keeps others from spoiling the natural beauty of the land.

Classic Itineraries

  • Dance along to traditional folk music in one of the many hotels and restaurants that offer such music in Romania.
  • Visit the painted monasteries of Buovina in the city of Moldavia; view the many impressive frescoes covering the church’s walls.
  • Go for a wine tasting in the villages of Budest, Calinesti or Sirbi, which offer beautiful scenery alongside the delicious spirits.
  • Shop at the many craft markets that showcase ceramics, pottery, woodcarving, glass painting, and other crafts – perfect gifts for family and friends.
  • Visit the port city of Constanta and nearby regions of Callatis, Hlstria, and Tomis, where there are incredible archeological sites of ancient Greek ruins.


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Culture and History of Romania

Romania’s culture is an unexpected and intriguing one. Old memories of darker past and gothic architecture slowly are being transformed into profound historical bedrocks and a real merchant city.

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