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“Moldova has become a newly discovered tourist hot spot, offering tourists the chance to trek through ancient forests, roam freely around the land, and visit vast monasteries. This land-locked East European nation offers much to its visitors, but Moldova doesn’t display a hectic or crowded holiday scene. The country is lined with treasured monuments, museums, and other historical sites that managed to survive WWII bombings and aftermath. This is duly complemented by bountiful nature excursion opportunities that the country has to offer.”

Moldova Holiday Highlights

Capital City Chişinău - The city of Chisinau, along with its many historical treasures, serves as the capital of Moldova. Among the historical sites you will get to witness in the capital is the Pushkin House where the renowned Russian poet spent his days of exile. It is here that he began working on his famous work “Eugene Onegin.”

Theatre & Arts - Moldova has a rich legacy of performing arts that are still thriving in the region. The former Chisinau Choral Synagogue has been transformed into the Chekkov Drama Theatre where world class plays are frequently staged. Theatrical performances in the former synagogue will give you a glimpse at Moldova’s ancient architecture as well as an opportunity to enjoy the art scene.

Swimming & Boating - Moldova has some of the most amazing waters to take a dip in. Apart from the amazing bathing beaches that are situated around Moldova, there is the man-made Chisinau Lake that offers you a serene swim environment. Visitors also have the opportunity to go for boat rides around enormous Chisinau.

Relaxation - The region of Cahul is famous for being a place where people flock to unwind and relax. Moldovans specialize in providing visitors with a wide variety of relaxing spa treatments including thermal spas and mud treatments. Hirjauca is one of the best spas in the region of Cahul. Add in the chance to witness great theatrical performances in the local theater and you have a great time waiting in Cahul.

Historical Sites - The town of Benderi is one of the oldest remaining towns in Moldova. The entire region seems fixated in a past century. Particularly popular is the 17th century fortress that is still standing in Benderi’s historical town center. Among the sites to see are the two ancient cemeteries in Chisinau, the Jewish Cemetery and the Armenian cemetery.

Museums - Moldova’s rich artistic heritage has been preserved in a number of museums that dot the landscape. Art buffs will truly relish the opportunity to visit the History and Regional Lore Museum in Chisinau. The Fine Arts Museum will give you a taste of West European, Russian and Moldovan art.

Outdoor Activities - Make the most of your holiday trip to Moldova by heading out into the ancient jungles of the region. Outdoor excursions led by trained guides will lead you through, giving you the chance to explore the colorful flora and fauna. Among the many jungles to visit, the Stanca-Jeloboc forest is most popular.

Nightlife - If you are not done touring by the day’s end, then know that Moldova has a bustling nightlife. Chisinau is known for its evening activities including concerts, operas and theatrical performances. Try the Eminescu Music and Drama Theater, the Youth Theatre, Fluerash Orchestra of National Music and a various other traditional folk arts.

When To Go

The weather of Moldova is very mild and pleasant and the summer temperatures reach up to 25C.

Top Tips

  • Exercise the usual cautions when traveling in Moldova.
  • Check the latest travel advice prior to travel especially before visiting Transnistria.
  • Petty crime is prevalent in Moldova so watch out for pick pockets and always keep some form of identity verification with you.
  • Use buses, trains and cars as a cheaper option to flying.

Classic Itineraries

  • Book a group trekking tour through the Stanca-Jeloboc forest or the Emil Racovita cave system.
  • Swim and boat in the Chisinau area waters or trek to Odesa for more open waters.
  • Appreciate the character of Moldova with a visit to the Museum of Ethnography and Natural History.
  • Visit Basarabeasca and see the culture.

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