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“With amazing beaches and mountain resorts, Bulgaria has many travel options for adventure lovers. There are several areas with beaches along the Black Sea, and several mountain ranges with historic surrounding towns. The country’s scenic landscape is just the beginning of the appeal, with clean cities, modern amenities and a vibrant nightlife; Bulgaria has a lot to offer. And while Bulgaria has been able to modernize its towns, there is still much charm to be found in the historical buildings and other sites all over the country. Indeed this country, whose culture is seeped in folklore tradition, is as picturesque and inviting as the fables and music that was created there. Here, in Bulgaria, the people, towns and scenery give the country a fairy tale feel, offering an incredible destination.”

Bulgaria Holiday Highlights

History & Culture - The Bulgarian culture’s rich history spans back centuries and for years, the culture of Bulgaria has been driven by the folklore passed down by local residents who see the importance of holding true to these same traditional values. The country is filled with many unspoiled settlements that offer amazing views of the countryside and show a simpler way of life. There are also many notable homes here that can be found in similar unspoiled areas. In addition, many cities in Bulgaria still look to arts, crafts and festivals to celebrate their culture.

Adventure & Activities - Bulgaria has an abundance of adventure activities such as the large and challenging mountains and deep canyons that are ideal for challenging mountain climbing and trekking. In addition, the country’s swift rivers running through canyons and forests offer thrilling and wild white water rafting rides down the mountains. These climbing and rafting tours are also some of the best ways to see the countryside and scenery of the country, as well as some amazing wildlife.

Beaches & Water Sports - The balmy waters off the coast of Bulgaria reveal their beauty and tranquility. In fact, there are many beaches all along the coasts of Bulgaria that offer beautiful scenery, crystal clear waters and interesting coastal villages. In addition, the deep-sea waters make for the perfect spot for diving and snorkeling, with interesting marine life to be found. There are also many opportunities for sailing and windsurfing.

When To Go

June to September is a good time to take part in beach activities and rafting. The country’s winter sport opportunities are good during the winter from November to February. Springs and autumn can see rain. The southern area of the country is particularly warm, boasting a Mediterranean climate.

Top Tips

  • It is considered rude to offer money as a gift.
  • Certain gestures in Bulgaria differ from other areas such as a nod meaning ‘no’ and a shake of the head meaning ‘yes’.
  • Smoking is banned in all public places.

Bulgaria Holidays In Focus

History and Culture - The Bulgarian culture is filled with richly built towns, rustic countryside and ruins of ancient civilizations. It is a culture known for its unique cuisine and friendly people. The culture of Bulgaria is also known for its preservation attempts, with much of its landscape in pristine ecological condition. It is also known for it’s vibrant cities with a fun nightlife, shopping opportunities and clean boulevards.

Much of Bulgaria’s culture comes from the many legends and folklore that inspired various forms of music, dance and other rituals that were all focused on the traditions of the country. One of the most popular rituals that came about were festivals. These festivals, many of which are still held today, celebrated many different aspects of the Bulgarian culture with music, dancing and food. Today, the most popular festival in Bulgaria is souvakari, which is held during Christmas and the New Year. Ladouvane is another popular festival held on New Year’s Day.

Other rituals held in Bulgaria celebrate everything from religion to good health, partaking in many rituals such as rose picking. Rose picking season is from late May to early June, and is a popular part of the Bulgarian culture. The Valley of Roses in the Balkan region is a great place to find the beautiful blooms. Rose picking is so popular that many pickers rise before sunrise to start gathering flowers. The country even has a Festival of Roses to celebrate the many rare rose species that can be found in the country. Another interesting ritual in the Bulgarian culture is the giving of martensitas, which are small red and white threads, given every March 1st that are symbols of peace and happiness to the people.

Adventure and Activities - Bulgaria’s diverse landscape, with many mountains and bodies of water, make it an adventure seeker’s dream destination. There are numerous opportunities to mountain climb, trek and raft all over the country. The mountain ranges alone are worth seeing, with many caves and lagoons to explore. In fact, many of Bulgaria’s mountain ranges are near beautiful lakes that make for more opportunities for adventure.

Mountain climbing has long been a popular attraction for adventure seekers in Bulgaria. There are several challenging slopes perfect for expert climbers, as well as some smaller ranges great for those that are looking for something less difficult. Some of the best slopes for beginners include Trojan, Vratsa and Veliko Tarnovo. For a more challenging climb, the Pirin, Rila and Stara Planina are great option to try. In addition, some of the most beautiful of all Bulgaria’s nature can be found in these regions.

The smaller mountain areas and other natural areas also make Bulgaria a great place for trekking. There are several short and long trekking trips offered in the country and these routes offer visitors the opportunity to get a better look at the many rural villages found all throughout the country.

Bulgaria’s abundance of rivers, such as the Danube, makes it a great place for rafting. There are many river routes that travel around the large mountain ranges, with many maintaining a very swift current. The Stackevska River, which is in the Vratza Mountains, is an especially popular destination known for its white water rafting. Other good river areas include the Arda, Ossam and Struma rivers, where canoeing and kayaking are also popular.

Beaches and Water Sports - There are many beautiful coastlines that can be found in Bulgaria, which have always been popular travel destinations for beach lovers. The calm Black Sea makes for a beautiful background for the quaint coastal towns found along the sea. The best beaches in Bulgaria are found in the Burgas and Varna regions, which boast the most unspoiled sandy beaches around. Varna is especially interesting, known for it’s old world character and great appeal. For a more unspoiled and tranquil atmosphere, travel to the bustling fishing villages of Sozopol and Nessebur. The Morska Zwezda resort area is another area that offers this tranquil beach atmosphere, in addition to being perfectly situated atop the high cliffs of Cape Kaliakra.

Some other popular beaches found in these areas include Albena, Elenite, Golden Sands and the Sunny Beach. There are great water sport opportunities in most of these areas that include diving, sailing and windsurfing. Many of these areas also offer specialty water sport options such as water-skiing and paragliding. Of course, swimming in the balmy waters of the sea is always popular. These beach areas are also some of the best places to find nightlife in Bulgaria, including many upscale restaurants and nightclubs. Several cities even boast extravagant sites like casinos and terrace bars.

Classic Itineraries

  • Take in the scents of the intoxicating rose fields, vineyards and fruit orchards known for their pungent aromas.
  • Trek through the Vratsa mountains to view wildlife and find good camping opportunities.


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