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“There are many reasons why visitors should include Belarus on their travel itinerary. With beautiful scenery, lovely castles and incredible nature, Belarus has great things to offer travelers. The country boasts one of the richest cultural heritages, with hundreds of ancient monuments and buildings all over the country that showcase the history of the country. In addition, a large range of wildlife can be found in Belarus in the forests and around the lakes. Hiking is also a great activity to try out in Belarus thanks to the many forests and nature trails that can be found throughout the country.”

Belarus Holiday Highlights

History & Culture - The culture of Belarus is often overlooked in favor of its more popular neighbors. However, there are many cultural spots in Belarus that offer much to travelers. There are endless museums, theaters and other popular attractions that show the integrity of Belarus’ culture. The country also boasts many interesting cities, many of which contain interesting relics and buildings that show the compelling history of the small country.

Exploring Nature - Belarus is home to some of the rarest and most fascinating animal and plant species, which can be found throughout the country. There are many national parks and wildlife reserves that help to preserve the purity of these animals and of the nature surrounding them. There are many areas in which to discover the nature of Belarus, which include the areas surrounding the forests and lakes of the country.

Walking & Hiking - Walking and hiking is another great way to spend time in Belarus. Thanks to the immense offering of natural areas, even the most avid hiker will be satisfied. There are endless national parks and reserves that offer hiking trails, as well as other areas off the beaten path for those travelers looking for a challenge. Hiking is also a great way to enjoy the nature of the country and see some of the wonderful animal life that can be found here.

Winter Sports - Belarus is a winter sport paradise with many different terrains, including many mountainous areas, that are perfect for skiing, which is easily done in one of the many resort towns found in Belarus. There are also many ice skating rinks all over the country that offer a fun activity to enjoy. Belarus even has an Olympic training site that is the perfect place to find winter sports.

When To Go

Belarus has a temperate continental climate which makes it a great place to visit year round. With mild summers and winters, no season is too overbearing to enjoy the sights. The summer months are good for those wanting to hike and sightsee, while winter is the best time to visit for skiing and other winter sports.

Top Tips

  • Respect the customs of the locals.
  • Check visa and entry requirements prior to travel.
  • Check your latest travel advice prior to travel to Belarus.

Belarus Holidays In Focus

History and Culture - With a rich heritage, quaint villages and incredible scenery it is easy to see why the natives of Belarus hold such pride for their country. However, despite this proud demeanor, the country’s culture has received little attention, with larger neighbor countries taking the attention. Yet, the history and beauty that can be found in Belarus is something that should not be overlooked. This country has a culture that will offer enrichment to visitors, and a glimpse into century-old relics that can only be seen in Belarus.

Much of the monuments and historical buildings that can be found in Belarus date back to the 12th century, with many architectural details specific to this time. In fact, there are three areas, in particular, that offer an incredible glimpse at the country’s historical past in three distinct periods.

The first place is Mir Castle, which was built in the late 15th century that was later restored in the 19th century. Despite its renovations, the castle still maintains the traditional architecture and integrity as the day it was built and is an excellent example of the cultural style of Belarus. It has also been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2000.

The second place is the Nesvizh Castle and Church, which are each prime examples of the baroque style that was popular in the 16th century. These structures, which were renovated in the early 18th century, include some of the most impressive examples of Baroque art in all of Eastern Europe. The Corpus Christi Church found here is an especially good example of this style, which also contains many frescoes that keep within this style.

A third spot that is an excellent spot to learn and explore more about the history of Belarus is at the Struve Geodetic Arc. This space is filled with many monuments over several countries, with five standing in Belarus. These structures were built over a span of forty years in the early and mid 1800s, as a way to survey the dimensions of the Earth. Today, these monuments show the innovative evolution of the country, and its small steps toward creating a modern world.

Belarus has done well to provide many excellent cultural attractions that showcase the talent and intellect of the country in present day. Minsk is by far the best place to see these attractions first hand, with the Belarusian Ballet and many theaters found here. Minsk is also home to fine museums that include the National Museum of Belarusian History and Culture, the Museum of History of the Great Patriotic War and the National Arts Museum. The city also houses the National Gallery, which showcases the works of some of Belarus’ most famous writers.

Walking, Hiking and Exploring Nature - Belarus boasts some captivating nature areas including forests, rivers and marshes. Because of this diverse landscape, the country is able to offer great hiking possibilities as well as many opportunities to explore the country’s wildlife. Since many of the country’s best hiking areas can be found in the country’s nature reserves and national parks, which are stringently preserved, exploring nature is a natural companion to the hiking experience.

The nature reserves and national parks are a good place to go for the best hiking and nature exploration. The Nature Reserve of Berezinsky is a good place to start, with many hiking trails all throughout. These trails were once used as a trade route for sending goods from the Baltic to the Black Sea countries, which adds an extra detail that makes the place special. Here, many interesting species of plant and tree life can be found. This reserve follows all the way to Palik Lake, which is a great place to find marine life. This area also has a diverse landscape with forests and marshes found here, making it an area rich in rare animals and plant life.

Another good place is the Belovezhskaya Pushcha national park, near Brest. This particular park contains dozens of animal species and nearly one thousand different types of plants. The most popular area of this park is the Belovezhskava Pushcha, Bialowieza Forest, which is one of the last untouched forests in the continental region. This forest, half of which is in Poland, is one of the most precious areas in all of Belarus, with many measures taken to keep its integrity. In fact, this park’s existence has been proven to date as far back as the 16th century, when the now nearly endangered European bison was believed to come here.

A good area outside these parks and reserves that is also great for hiking and wildlife exploring is in Belavezha Wood. This area is home to rare bears, wolves and bison. This area, which also offers the convenience of nature trails, is one of the most enriching ways to explore Belarus.

Winter Sports - Although summer is the most popular time to visit Belarus, there are many activities that can be done in wintertime. This is especially true for outdoor activities, which will satisfy anyone looking for an adventure. There are several great areas for cross-country skiing that is easily done thanks to the many mountainous areas. Minsk is the best place to find skiing and has many great areas and resorts where this can be done. The Raubichy Olympic Sports Complex is a great place for cross country skiing, and provides a challenging sporting experience. Two good resort areas, which offer a little more luxury to the skiing experience, are Silichy and Logoysk. Both of these resorts are very modern and offer convenience and ease. Ice skating is another winter sport that is easily found in Belarus, with several different cities boasting some excellent skating rinks.

Classic Itineraries

  • Visit the village of Vitebsk, which is the birthplace of the famous painter Marc Chagall, where visitors can tour his old family home turned museum.
  • Explore Belavezhskaja Pushcha National Park and see the rare European bison in the forests. Belovezhskaya Pushcha has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1979.
  • Biaowiea Forest has been on the UNESCO World Heritage list since 1992.
  • Other UNESCO sites include the Mir Castle Complex, Struve Geodetic Art and the Architectural, Residential and Cultural Complex of the Radziwill Family at Nesvizh.
  • Walk through the rural area of Troitskoye Predmestye, which houses many baroque-style cathedrals such as Maryinsky Cathedral and the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit.
  • Visit the capital city of Minsk with its Stalinist architecture and café culture.
  • Walk the tree lined streets of Brest and see wooden houses and see Brest Fortress from the Soviet era.


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