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“Located in Central and Danubian Europe, Slovakia is a developing holiday destination and has many caves and mountains that have largely remained untouched by excessive crowds. Outside city life in Bratislava, its capital city, you can still find old, traditional villages and lifestyles that haven’t been touched by glitz and glamour of surrounding cities. Being amidst nature and wildlife, Slovakia is a country that is perfect for adventure and activity holidays.”

Slovakia Holiday Highlights

History & Culture – Visit Bratislava Castle which explores the Celtic and Moravian times. You can find different traditional Slovak exhibitions here inside the castle today. Slovak National Museum is also within the castle.

If you want to relax in a spa resort, Piestany Spa Resort will welcome you. Located in the Valley of Vah River, the spa is famous for curing arthritic disorders. It is believed that some of the region’s thermal springs and mud are able to cure this crippling disease. Many parks and entertainment areas are also located surrounding this area.

Discover Old Town in Bratislava with many important buildings like Former Palace of the Hungarian Estates, the Late-Gothic Building of Academic Istropolitana, and Leopold de Pauli Palace are among attractions here.

Visit the city of Banska Bystrica where you will find Museum of Slovac National Uprising, Church of St. Elizabeth, and the Church of Holy Cross.

The National Science Museum in Bratislava has good information on nature and science. Many different exhibits are held here regularly. Also you can find exhibits on conserved Slovak wildlife and past geological findings.

White Water Rafting - The Danube River in Cunovo is a major spot for white water rafting. You can opt for a 6-person boat and raft through the artificial canals of varying lengths. The Niagara Jump of 3 meters height is said to be the most difficult portion for adventurers. Many organizations can arrange for you a stay at Bratislava and have transportation to Cunovo. Rafters can also choose Maly Danuj for exploring their rafting skills. Here even younger children are allowed to raft with expert parents.

Canoeing - Canoeing is popular in Slovakia and even if you are a beginner, you can get good training at Karloveske Rameno, an arm of Danube River at Bratislava. If you can swim just a length of 10 meters, you qualify to learn canoeing here. Explore the Slovac Rivers with your newly honed or previously mastered canoeing skills.

The Arts - Traditional folk music is played in all towns and cities in Slovakia; many towns own performing arts studios or concert halls. See dances and opera performances in larger cities, see art and culture centers in smaller towns. There are several national museums, the largest of them being Bratislava’s National Gallery. While on your holiday, be sure to check out smaller, privately owned venues for lower fees and more hospitality.

Caving - Slovakia has twelve winding caves to discover, and adventurers are always keen to explore them. In Eastern Slovakia, there are caves in Slovansky, Raj, and Tatry. This is the cave where adventurers come for experiencing “cave walk.” In Western Slovakia, Driny is a famous cave near Smolenice Chateau. Another cave is there in the region of Bojnice Chateau.

Walking, Hiking, Mountain climbing & Skiing - Many hiking ranges are available in Slovakia, including the popular Tatra Mountains. Slovakia’s hilly surroundings always provide spots for skiing in winters. In some places, you can even find artificial snow making for odd-season skiing. At Tatras, you can hire bicycles and enjoy touring the hilly region. Cross-country skiing is also a treasured adventure activity, especially in Strbske Pelso in theTatras.

Golf & Hockey - Golf is another attraction that is catching hold in Slovakia. Around Bratislava, three golf courses are available. Piestany Spa Golf Course and Golf Club Bernolakovo are 9-hole courses. An Austrian Golf Club, Neusiedlersee, is a popular 18-hole course. Hockey is a beloved game in Slovakia and many matches are arranged regularly. Especially during winter, HC Slovan Hockey Teams have regular games across Slovakia. You may be a spectator and enjoy the local cheering atmosphere in the stadium.

When To Go

To enjoy skiing in Slovakia, visit in winter the months from December through to March. You can even grab some equipment from HockeyMonkey and play hockey during the winter months. The summer months have warm sunny weather and a pleasant atmosphere and are May to October.

Top Tips

  • If you are attending any social gathering in Slovakia, remember that punctuality is always appreciated.
  • If you rent a car in Slovakia, remember to drive with your headlights on even in daylight or you will be fined. Also, remember not to leave your valuables in car.
  • Shaking hands is the accepted way of greeting.
  • Though no special vaccinations are needed, be careful about the ticks, as the tick borne diseases encephalitis and Lyme’s disease are prevalent in heavily forested areas.

Classic Itineraries

  • Capital city Bratislava has many street cafes and cobblestoned streets. Highlights include visits to The Watcher statue, Devín castle and Bratislava castle whilst here.
  • Bratislava’s architectural sights include Academia Istrpolitana, founded in 1465, rabbi Chatam Sofer's tomb, the old town at Hlavné nám, the town's only surviving tower gate of Michael Tower, the bronze Monument of the Slovak National Uprising, New Bridge (also called the UFO), the 18th century Plague Column on Rybné nám, Fish Square, Roland's Fountain and the Slovak radio building.
  • Attractions of Bratislava includes Sad Janka Krála Park with a few amusement rides and Zoo Bratislava which covers 96 hectares.
  • Bratislava’s history and heritage sights include the Holocaust Memorial, the rococo Mirbach Palace, the house of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Palace of the Royal Chamber, Pálffy Palace with Slovac Art, the Slavín War Memorial and the neoclassical Primate's Palace where Napoleon signed the Treaty of Pressburg in the Hall of Mirrors.
  • Whilst in Bratislava see Hviezdoslavovo nám and the moat, Leopold de Pauli Palace where Franz Liszt gave a recital and the fun State Puppet Theatre.
  • Bratislava has the following museums and galleries; Bibiana, Bratislava Castle Historical Museum, City Gallery of Bratislava, Milan Dobeš Museum, Slovak National Gallery, Museum of Music, Museum of Jewish culture, Museum of Clocks and the Municipal Museum in the Old Town Hall of 1421.
  • Bratislava’s religious sights include one Synagogue, St Martin's Cathedral, the Franciscan Church of the Annunciation, baroque Church of the Holy Trinity, Church of the Clarissine Order with a gothic tower and the Church of St Elizabeth, also known as the Blue Church.


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