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“The Republic of Suriname is in the north of South America and borders Brazil in the south, Guyana in the west, French Guiana in the east and the North Atlantic Ocean in the north. Paramaribo on the north coast is the capital of Suriname. Filled with a diverse range of wildlife and tropical wilderness Suriname is an often overlooked highly enjoyable vacation spot. The fascinating culture adds to the appeal of the region. Paramaribo with its ancient architecture is also an intriguing aspect of Suriname. Visitors have a chance to engage in a wide variety of water sports, ecotourism and plenty of other recreational areas to explore.”

Suriname Holiday Highlights

River Trips - Rivers in Suriname are like highways that lead to the interior. River trips give you an exotic experience as you make your way to the remote lodges and camps. Visitors get the chance to hop aboard local dug out canoes along with river cruise boats. Some of the most popular boat trips are from Nickerie and Paramaribo all the way along the Corantijin and the Coppename River. A trip on the Saramacca Rivers leads the visitors straight to the center of West Suriname. Along the way visitors get a chance to see Suriname unfold its many faces with villages and wildlife lining up at the riverbanks. River trips are also the only way to reach some of the old plantation houses which are a must see for the visitors.

Kayaking and Rafting - For the adventure seekers the rivers of Suriname provide excellent kayaking and rafting opportunities. There is a perfect blend of white water and still that is set in the middle of the Amazon Basin rain forest. Such water sports are increasing in popularity day by day.

Diving - The numerous rivers and waterways give visitors plenty of amazing dive sites such as the Van Blommenstein Lake situated in the Brokopondo District. Beneath the clear waters of this man made lake are railway tracks and other signs of civilizations gone by. Suriname’s diving opportunities are diverse and everyone from the beginner to the pro will get a chance engage in this activity.

Turtle Watching - Suriname is home to a large number of turtles. Particularly renowned is the Galibi Nature Reserve situated in eastern Suriname. This basin is home to four special species of endangered turtles. Holidaymakers will get a chance to feast their eyes on the colossal 600-kg turtle known as the leatherback spreading to a length of 2 meters. Other special breeds include the olive ridley, the green turtle and the Hawksbill. The best time to visit the Turtle beach is from January to September when the turtles are in abundance.

Cycling - Visitors will find plenty of cycling opportunities in Suriname. Interior regions are excellent for mountain biking whereas Paramaribo and other coastal regions are great to explore via cycling. There are special guided tours for tourists in the region of Commenwijne, which is famous for its traditional plantation houses.

Horse Riding - To add to the diversity of the experience of the vacationers Suriname gives them the opportunity to explore the region on horse backs. There are a number of farms that rent out horses with guides and your hotel can easily hook you up with them.

Recreational Areas - Take a break from all the action adventure and tour the numerous recreational areas situated in the vicinity of Paramaribo. The most popular sites that are truly worth seeing include Bersaba, Santigron, Republiek, Carolinakreek, Blaka Watra, Camp Overbridge, White Beach Marina Resort and Colakreek. You will be able to engage in a wide range of leisure activities at these commercial recreational areas.

Dining - The cuisine of Suriname is a fusion of many different ethnic groups with an overriding South American flavor. There are various restaurants in the region offering visitors classic traditional cuisine. Amongst the different things that you will be able to try in Suriname include East Indian roti, bakkeljauw salt fish and a Chinese Dim Sung breakfast roll.

When To Go

Suriname has the classic Caribbean tropical weather with warm summers and a cooling sea breeze. Since Suriname is outside of the hurricane belt it is safe to visit even during the rainy seasons which spread from May to August during the summers and December January during the winters. The best time to plan your holiday trip to Suriname is anytime!

Top Tips

-Make sure you pack along a god pair of comfortable shoes that will see you through all the action adventure. They should be waterproof so as to keep out the humidity and water.
-Other essentials for the adventurous tourist include a pair of sunglasses, rain gear, sunscreen and not to forget, insect repellent.
-If you are going to fly around in the interior remember there is only a small limited amount of weight that you can take around with you.
-Take permission before you flash your camera at anyone or anything.

Classic Itineraries

-Visit Galibi Nature Reserve to see giant leatherback turtles lay eggs in the sand.
-Visit capital city Paramaribo with its colonial architecture and culture.
-Trek through jungle at Palumeu.
-Drive, hike and explore jungle and savanna.
-Canoe past Amerindian villages.
-Visit Raleighvallen on the way to the Central Suriname Nature Reserve.
-Go to Mount Kasikasima.

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