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“There are lots of things to see in Honduras, the second biggest country in Central America. Spanish is its official language. On an area of 112,492 km2 you can find a diverse range of inhabitants. Though Tegucigalpa is the capital but all other cities like La Ceiba, Puerto Cortes, Omoa and Tela are also popular amongst visitors. Especially, the famous destinations include Colonial villages like Comayagua, Gracias, ancient Mayan ruins like Copan which is known for its sculpture and Caribbean coastline with bay islands which offers several opportunities for water sports like snorkeling, diving and scuba diving.”

Honduras Holiday Highlights

Scuba Diving - Your tour to Honduras will not be complete without spending some time in scuba diving which is the favorite sport in this part of the world. The best place, without a doubt, is none other than the Bay Islands. Although all the islands are perfect for scuba diving but Roatan which is the largest is the best of all. The best thing about Roatan is that you can find number of resorts like Turquoise Bay Resort, Palmetto Bay Plantation which is a resort style settlement, and so on. Apart from the availability of these resorts, the reefs in Roatan are of varied heights, which start from 20-40 feet, but they can go over 100 feet as well.

In addition to Roatan, you can also consider visiting the small island of Utilla to enjoy scuba diving. Though it is the smallest of the Bay Islands but it offers sophisticated facilities for scuba divers.

Snorkeling and Diving - Water sports will always be at their best in Honduras and things will become even better when you go snorkeling in the clear water of the Bay Islands. Utilla, the smallest amongst all the Bay Islands, is one of the perfect options for snorkeling because it’s clear water allows you to get face-to-face with different types of marine creatures like sharks, whale sharks, rays, wild dolphins, blue tangs, turtles, morays, octopus and many more. Also, the temperature of the water in Honduras remains between 78F to 84F, which makes it perfect for snorkeling. Since there is no current in the water and the visibility is up to 150ft, so, snorkeling is the favored activity in Honduras.

White Water Rafting - People who love to get indulged in adventurous activities always opt for white water rafting on the Honduras holidays. White water rafting in Honduras is usually done in the rivers that flow through the rainforests in Caribbean coast. Cangrejal River that flows close to the Pico Bonito National Park is just perfect to convert your holidays into more thrilling and adventurous experience. This river offers different level of difficulty at different points; in fact, class III and class IV rapids are also there, which need you to go with guided tours.

Just like Cangrejal River, Platano River is another nice option to choose for white water rafting in Honduras. This river allows you raft in the Class III rapids, so, be prepared to have a lot of fun.

When To Go

If you want to have a perfect experience of scuba diving in Utilla, you must come from mid-February till March. This is the time when you will be able to see the sights of whales and sharks in this part of the world. On the other hand, if you want to enjoy white water rafting then choose a right time, as water level from September to January will be high unlike February to august when it will be low. Choose a period to suit your taste. Rainy Season starts from October and lasts till January. March and April are the dry months but dusty as well. A good time to visit Honduras is from February to June.

Top Tips

  • Respect the customs and dress appropriately, avoiding short skirts.
  • In Bay Islands, shorts and beachwear are normal attire..
  • Get the latest travel advice prior to traveling.
  • Always drink bottled water.

Classic Itineraries

  • White water rafting through Cangrejal River.
  • Getting to Roatan for scuba diving.

Honduras Airports

There are four international airports that operate within Honduras

  • Toncontín International Airport (Airport Code: TGU) is in Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras
  • Ramón Villeda Morales International Airport (Airport Code: SAP) is in San Pedro Sula, the industrial capital of Honduras
  • Golosón International Airport (Airport Code: LCE) is in La Ceiba, on the North Coast of Honduras
  • Juan Manuel Gálvez International Airport (Airport Code: RTB) is on the island of Roatan in the Bay Islands


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