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PureTravel Says
“Guadeloupe is an island group located in the eastern Caribbean Sea and 150 miles off the west coast of Baja California, Mexico. Guadeloupe is volcanic and is a French colony, which can be seen in the history and culture of the island. There are water sports here as well as shark watching, fishing and trekking. Visit the pretty capital of Basse Terre, hike the volcano at La Soufrière and visit Deshaies and Ste-Anne for great food. Pigeon Island has an underwater Jacques Cousteau statue and Terre-de-Haut is a pretty island to explore.”

Guadeloupe Holiday Highlights

Shark Watching - Whilst on Guadeloupe take the opportunity to watch white sharks in the crystal clear water that has 100 foot visibility. This is a great adventure and shark-viewing cages are available to see sharks at close quarters.

Fishing - Enjoy a spot of fishing where you could land big tuna and calico bass. Watch the local fishermen who are spearfishing using hand-powered spears.

Walking & Trekking - Guadeloupe is beautiful and home to rocks, palms and pines. The altitude of the north of the island is 4,200meters. The pine and cypress trees compress the moisture and convert it as fresh water springs. There are also goats that were brought here by the sealers. There are numerous plants, with more than 16% of endemic species, such as Baeriopsis guadalupensis, Castilleja fruticosa, Brahea edulis, Cryptantha foliosa and Lavatera lindsayi. Budding geologists will enjoy exploring the island whilst walking and trekking and witnessing the diversity of the rocks like sandstone, basalt and lava caves along the shoreline.

Diving - Go swimming and scuba diving in Guadeloupe in the clear waters where you will see several fish species and other marine mammals. Take the opportunity to film and photograph the northern elephant seal and Guadeloupe fur seal.

When To Go

Guadeloupe is a year round tropical destination. If you are coming for shark watching, winter is the best time for this.

Top Tips

  • Use a specialist tour operator who will use their local knowledge to ensure you get the most from your visit.

Classic Itineraries

  • Watching pine and cypress on the mountaintop.
  • Exploring the lava caves all along the shoreline.

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