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PureTravel Says
“The Islands of the Bahamas offer some incredible holiday activities for everyone. There is diving, kite surfing, snorkeling and numerous other activities. New Providence Island, where you’ll find the historic city of Nassau and the neighboring Paradise Island blend a glamorous and tropical array of opportunities with water sports and exploring the historical sites, you will never be short of adventures and activities whilst in the Bahamas.”

Bahamas Holiday Highlights

History & Culture – The Bahamas is a former British Island and gained independence in 1973. See the influences of the British in the history and culture of the architecture and people. In the capital of Nassau, visit the Government House to see the Changing of the Guard Ceremony, which takes place every other Saturday. The Royal Bahamas Police Force Band will perform at the ceremony to add the pomp and pageantry that goes along with this historic event. At Over The Hill, you will discover a charming neighborhood of homes and shops, which typify the Bahamian culture. See the historical artifacts presented at Nettie’s Different of Nassau, and stand in awe of the Out Island classroom on display, completely handmade from wood.

Wildlife and Plantlife – There are over 300 birds and mammals at the Ardastra Gardens & Conservation Center. At the Botanical Gardens you can enjoy the many acres of tropical paradise with more than 600 species. If you love rare and exotic palms, you can drop by The Retreat Gardens to see more than 170 specimens.

Deep-Sea Fishing – Where the reef surrounding the Bahamas drops off to the Atlantic, you can experience some amazing deep-sea fishing. Catch some marlin or tuna, some mackerel and sailfish.

Boating and Sailing – The Bahamas has a multitude of boat charters and rentals and the vistas are breathtaking. Get a small sailboat, a motorboat or try the jet skis and discover a remote corner to swim and snorkel off shore.

Diving and Snorkeling – The warm waters make the Bahamas ideal to dive and snorkel and just a few locations are the Lost Blue Hole, Runway and Shark Arena, where you can dive with sharks in safety. The most unusual diving site is the Lost Blue Hole, which is a natural hole in the ocean floor and is about 100 feet across. You can watch schools of fish and both Runway and the Shark Arena allow you to watch sharks feed, with Shark Arena being the biggest feeding ground.

Beaches and Water Sports – The Bahamas has an abundance of beaches such as Western Esplanade, close to downtown Nassau and has fundraising cookouts on Saturdays. Sanders Beach is lined with grand casuarina trees and provides some incredible views at sunset. Many water sports are popular here such as parasailing, water skiing, jet skiing and kite surfing. Some other beaches include Delaporte Beach, Sandyport Beach and the lovely Cabbage Beach on Paradise Island.

When To Go

The weather is beautiful in the Bahamas all year round, with a consistent temperature. Winter is a popular time as others escape their winters for the balmy Bahamas.

Top Tips

-Check the latest travel and entry requirements prior to travel.
-Check whether you require any vaccinations prior to travel.
-You can use US dollars in the Bahamas.
-Bring a jacket or sweater for cool nights.

Classic Itineraries

-From Nassau, take a glass-bottomed boat or cross one of the two 600-foot bridges to Paradise Island. Lie on the pure white beaches to enjoy the palms and sun.
-See the pirate attraction in downtown Nassau. The Pirates of Nassau offers an interactive environment for an exciting education.
-Visit the historic Fort Montagu, built in the 18th century to guard Nassau Harbour.

Caribbean Geography

The Caribbean region is actually made up of some 7,000 islands which are commonly known as the West Indies. The 'Caribbean' usually refers to the Caribbean Sea, the actual Caribbean islands and the coasts which sit on the Caribbean Sea. The area was named the West Indies in 1492 after explorer Christopher Columbus thought he had landed in Asia, in the Indies.

The largest island group is the Antilles which is divided into the Greater Antilles and Lesser Antilles which comprises the Bahamas, Cayman Islands and Turks and Caicos. This area is also called the Caribbees and are mostly formed from a long volcanic chain.

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