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“Togo is an extremely intriguing holiday destination with its coastal lagoons, wooded savannahs, dense forests, swampy plains and long sandy beaches. Visitors are captivated by the succession of diverse landscapes and the captivating wonders of Togo. With modern hotels available on the beaches and colonial architecture inland Togo gives you a perfect blend of contemporary and classic times.”

Togo Holiday Highlights

Nature & Wildlife - Togo has some of the most amazing national parks in the region, boasting a fine collection of wildlife. Travelers will be able to see elephants, buffaloes, antelopes and a wide variety of birds. The Fazao National Park situated outside Sokode is one of the best in the county. The Fosse aux Lions in the southwest of Dapaong and the Keran National Park in Kara are also major attractions. In Kpalimé, visitors can witness exotic butterflies.

Walking & Hiking - Many of the visitors to Togo are attracted to the hiking opportunities. Particularly popular are trails around Kpalimé. Not only does the hilly region offer a challenging hike but an equally rewarding view while you climb.

Water Sports - If you are looking for action and adventure then know that Togo has plenty of water sporting activities to offer its visitors. The massive Lake Togo is the ideal place to visit if you want to engage in water sports such as boating, snorkeling, jet skiing and more.

Swimming - Visitors to Togo have the opportunity to take a dip in the lakeside resort of Porto Seguro, which offers sailing and water skiing facilities.

Beaches - Togo has a collection of wonderful beaches where visitors will love to relax and enjoy the cool sea breeze. There are also beaches surrounding the area of Lome that are well worth a trip.

Whale Watching - One alluring activity Togo has to offer is whale watching. The Gulf of Benin is home to the biggest mammal in the world. Whales can be sighted during the month of October.

History & Architecture - Cities like Lome and Togoville will give you a classic example of Togo’s colonial past. Aneho, which served as Togo’s colonial capital till the 1920s gives travelers a distinctive colonial atmosphere. The Protestant Church and the Peter and Paul Church are a fascinating display of colonial architecture in Togo. Another great place to visit in Togo is the Tamberma Valley, filled with clay and straw fortresses.

Fishing - Small fishing villages border the short coastline of Togo. Here, you can head out on a traditional boat and catch fresh fish from Togo’s waters and have it grilled on the spot to enjoy a delicious meal of fish prepared the local way.

Takienta Tower Houses - This particular region is now credited as being a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Situated near Koutammakou, the Takienta tower houses are traditional mud structures. This fascinating phenomenon was created by the Batammariba tribe and is considered to be the most unique attraction of Togo.

Visit Farms - The region of Togo is rich with coffee and cocoa plantations. Visitors will get the chance to experience the plantations themselves, as many are open to the public.

Togolese Cuisine - Togo is renowned for its French oriented cuisine with and African twist. Togolese delights are an excellent treat for the taste buds and some of the best local restaurants are situated in Lome. Amongst the must try local dishes are Pates, a dish that incorporates maize flour with different sauces, spinach and meat. Fufu is another local dish made of mashed yam eaten with groundnut sauce. The rice and peanut sauce dish known as Riz sauce arachide is also a must try.

When To Go

With the cool wind blowing from the North, the months of December and January are good times to visit Togo. If you want to catch the whales in action then you should plan your trip a bit earlier in the month of October. February and March is extremely dry.

Top Tips

  • Check the travel advice prior to travel.
  • Be prepared for bumpy rides on the roads of Togo.

Classic Itineraries

  • Visit a coffee or cocoa plantation.
  • See the Takienta tower houses.
  • Witness buffaloes and antelopes at the Fazao National Park.


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