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“With long coastlines and a colonial culture, Nigeria is an intriguing country waiting to be explored. After years of turmoil and struggle within the country and with other nations, Nigeria has tried hard to overcome these hardships. These struggles have helped create the country’s character. The tribes create a vibrant and diverse population, producing an interesting culture for visitors to discover. Nigeria has seen its fair share of cultures come through its lands, including the Portuguese and British. These and other European countries have helped to create a one of a kind atmosphere making Nigeria a very special.”

Nigeria Holiday Highlights

History & Culture - Nigeria has a strong and resilient people who have great warmth they are willing to offer travelers. There are a number of European relics found in the country, in addition to the amazingly diverse and large group of natives. The National Museum at Onikan, located on Lagos Island, boasts relics of Nigeria’s past, as well as exhibits focusing on the country’s ancient civilizations. The Osun Sacred Forest, located in the Oshogbo’s World Heritage Site, is a great place to search for the Yoruba gods.

Nature and Wildlife - Nigeria’s warm climate and diverse terrain make the perfect conditions for exploring nature. There are several incredible regions that offer opportunity for water adventures in waterfalls and rivers. The abundant national parks that can be found in Nigeria offer spectacular views of some of Africa’s best game, birds and other wildlife. The area around Lake Chad is great for bird watching. There are many safari opportunities for travelers to enjoy, as well as national parks and nature reserves. For a relaxing time, try the Wikki Warm Spring at the Yankari National Park, known for its wildlife.

Walking & Trekking - The diverse terrains and varied landscapes of Nigeria offer many great opportunities for the walking adventurer. Here, the many hills and warm climate make trekking a mixture of comfortable and challenging. There are also many wonderful national parks that offer hiking trails.

When To Go

Nigeria’s climate is very hot and humid and has several rainy seasons. However, a good time is at the end of October to December and from March until May. These are the driest months, with refreshing winds that come from the Sahara to cool you down.

Top Tips

  • Check with your government’s online travel section for safety measures.
  • Women should dress modestly, trying to avoid pants in respect to the local customs regarding dress, particularly in the Muslim north.
  • It is important for travelers to become familiar with and respect the customs of the locals, but in a country with over 259 tribes the visitor should try to maintain a general standard while traveling between them.

Nigeria Holidays In Focus

History and Culture
The culture of Nigeria has been formed from ancient civilizations, European interaction and many festive customs. The native races that can be found in Nigeria are all as cultural diverse as any differing nations and offer the visitor a widespread and exciting experience. With Portuguese and British influence seen all over Nigeria, it is easy to see the mark of history in one of the oldest places of human civilization in existence. There is also a large Muslim population located here that has shaped much of the cultural identity.

There are many different native groups all over Nigeria. Some of the groups include the Igala, the Idoma, the Fulani and the Tiv. From these groups, many different forms of music, art and dancing have been created, offering an ethnically diverse region that is incredible to witness. These natives are also responsible for many of the arts and crafts that can be found throughout Africa.

Speaking of crafts, the Nigerian markets found all over the country are wonderful places that showcase such arts and crafts. These markets house many homemade items of traditional native creativity. The city of Lagos is a good place to find these markets, including the Jankara Market, which is known for locally dyed clothes and leather goods. Another good market town is in Ibadan, which houses one of the country’s largest market areas. The Kurmi Market is another special area to see, which specializes in blankets made of horsehair. Other good areas to find these markets include Auchi, Abaraka, Sapoba, Sapele and Warri.

Religion is very important to the people of Nigeria and there are many sights dedicated to worship. In addition, Nigerians hold religious festivals throughout the year, including Sallah, which is a large feast and celebration that is thrown at the end of Ramadan. The towns of Maiduguri, Kano, Katsina and Zaria are especially well known for their religious relics and customs.

The diverse offerings of ancient relics are wonderful ways to see the many different civilizations that have lived in Nigeria. One of the best-preserved areas is in the city of Oyo, where the remains of the Yoruba Empire can be found. This area is filled with Portuguese inspired architecture as well as many religious shrines. Oyo is also known for its exciting festivals, museums and modern amenities.

The historic city of Kano is one of the most ancient cities in Nigeria. Here, some of the original walls of the old town can be found, in addition to many well-preserved examples of Hausa cities. The medieval atmosphere of this city allows visitors get a glimpse of how the country once looked. Emir’s Palace is an especially interesting relic that showcases the Hausa style of architecture.

Nature and Wildlife
Exploring the wildlife of Nigeria is one of the most enriching experiences to be found anywhere. There are many national parks and wonders that make it a wonderland and one of the most beautiful areas of in Africa. Calabar is a wonderful place to find a good variety of such landscapes including the Calabar River. Akure is another popular area where Nigeria’s nature is at its best. The Olumirin Waterfalls alone are worth the trip to this area, which boasts seven waterfalls in the city. There are also several mountain scenes in Biu, and savannahs in Abuja.

The Nigerian National Parks are very good places to find wildlife. The Yankari National Park is very popular for wildlife sightings, where monkeys, elephants and birds are just some of the animals a visitor is likely to see. The Cross River National Park is a conservation area in the rainforest and a good place to see chimpanzees, leopards, elephants and baboons all throughout the park. The Gashaka Game Reserve, located near Yola, is another popular wildlife exploration spot, which is popular for many endangered animal species.

The Mambilla Plateau is another good spot for wildlife and nature exploration in Nigeria. This area, which is located in the southeastern region of the country, boasts endless grassy plateaus. These spots are home to many cattle ranches, bird sanctuaries, as well as other wildlife. This area is also one of the most unspoiled regions of the country where a traveler can enjoy a simple idyllic landscape.

Walking and Trekking
The diverse landscape and natural surroundings of Nigeria make the perfect conditions for trekking. There are endless grasslands, forests and mountains all offering a perfect opportunity for the walking adventurer. In fact, there are many unique natural wonders like waterfalls and valleys that add an extra special touch to the holiday experience.

One of the best places for trekking in Nigeria is the Obudu Ranch. This popular destination is an adventure lovers dream, with a remote location and unspoiled lands. This expansive area offers many plateaus and rivers to walk along and explore, as well as many good areas for camping.

Classic Itineraries

  • Take a picnic near Assob Falls, near the village of Jos, where a breezy climate and calming streams make it a relaxing and peaceful spot to spend time.
  • Tour the incredible Palace of the Yoruba Empire in Oba to get a glimpse of this incredible civilization.
  • Trek through the Cross River National Park, just outside Ikom, where incredible sites can be seen along the route including the circular pattern of monoliths on the roads near the Cameroon border.


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