Zimbabwe Travel Guide

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"Rich in wildlife and adventure sports, Zimbabwe used to be a hotspot for adventure seekers. This South African nation was packed with thrill and excitement, be it water sports or safaris. It is now little visited because of the political situation and economic conditions that have deteriorated to a point of hopelessness. When it regains its feet, its hospitible peoples and natural beauty will once more draw the tourists."

Zimbabwe Holiday Highlights

Rock-climbing and Abseiling
Many areas of rocky terrain in the Plateau country is ideal for climbing and abseiling. The steep cliffs offer great routes and then allow you to descend down at great speed. With experienced and trained instructors you can be assured of safety. You can try this activity at Victoria Falls and The Eastern Highlands. The Eastern highlands lie on the border with Mozambique and include the highest Mountain, Mount Nyangani with an altitude of 2593m along with the Bvumba Mountains. The northern part of the Highlands is especially suited as well as being famous for The World View. The World View is a spectacular sight seeing hotspot on the highland from where tourists can view the stretches of plains and mountains rolling towards the west, as far as 60 to 70 km.

You can hire a canoe and paddle across your way in the Kariba Lake, the waters of Matusadona, the gushing Victoria Falls, the Zambezi River or the Mana Pools.

River cruise
Unlike sea or ocean cruises, river cruises are slower .You can take down one such cruise along the Zambezi River. Float over the smooth waters and feel the calm breeze while viewing the sunset and the countryside, this is the best way to slow down on a highly adventurous holiday.

Sport Fishing
With many lakes to choose from, fishing used to be a popular attraction. With basic equipment that is available you can chose from Harare, Victoria Falls or the Kariba Lake as the main destinations, plus many smaller rivers and lakes.

Gorge Swing
If you still crave for adventure you could try Gorge swings at the Victoria Falls. Unlike abseiling you dont just descend but swing down .You could try this with fellow tourists or go solo. With Instructors and efficient guides helping you along and enough safety equipments to prevent any damage to you, safety is not an issue that will trouble you.

Elephant Riding
Some safari parks offer you the chance to ride elephants and have a great view of the wildlife at a safe distance. This is especially popular with the children.

When To Go

You can visit Zimbabwe any time of the year .The highlands are cooler with a temperature of 28C while the lowlands feel a greater amount of heat at 35C in the summers. However the heat is not of the scorching variety usually felt in the other African nations.

Top Tips

  • Take necessary precautions when taking part in any of the adventure sports.
  • You are advised to not go swimming in the waters of the country as they may be infected with Bilharzia.
  • Take antimalaria tablets when visiting low lying areas .Your travel bag must include a mosquito net and a repellant.

Classic Itineraries

  • A trip to the Victoria Falls.
  • Water sports in Lake Mutirikwi, the largest inland lake in Zimbabwe.
  • Safaris in Hwange National Park.


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