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PureTravel Says
"Few people know that the country "Western Sahara" exists. It is a vast stretch of desert, ownership of which is disputed by Morocco and Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic. With miles of nothing except the ocean peeping through at times, it is a true wilderness. Adventure tourists who visit Western Sahara do so on mostly organized expedition tours."

Western Sahara Holiday Highlights

Driving - With beautiful views painted across the landscapes and numerous unexplored mines, driving in the desert can be a unique experience. Space, tranquility, adventure. If you feel really motivated, how about the Paris - Dakar Rally?

Caravan Rides - Camel rides across the deserts can be an enthralling experience. Visitors flock around in plenty around the oases fringed with palm trees and some volcanic sites. While you ride through, you may come across the nomadic people and get a peek at their way of life. The desert is alive with animals and desert plants. The journey often provides visitors with a surreal exposition to scenic beauty that only the mind can imagine.

Sand Skiing - With large sand dunes and regular tourist activities, sand skiing is an upcoming adventure sport on schedule for holiday tourists to the Western Sahara. With high sand dunes around, it is easy to select a number of good slopes and acquire enormous speed while you ski down.

Sahara Atlantic Coast - The Atlantic coast of this part of the continent is very rocky and has a number of beautiful lagoons. Though it is risky to swim and snorkel around these beaches, the sea is rich with fishes. In fact, with a large number of fishing ports around Ad Dakhla, sports fishing could be an interesting break from the desert life. The coast line has ruins of a few shipwrecks to which most tourists frequent.

Deep Sea Fishing - The ports of Dakhla are well equipped with boats and gear that visitors might need for deep sea fishing. With a variety of colorful fishes including chad, borintos, mullet, sea perch, marlin, tuna and swordfish comprise the kitty of the deep sea fisherman.

Saharan Expedition - You could ride in to the desert and camp for several days. Both single day and week long expeditions are available. Oases lined with palm trees set against the sky red with sunset are a beautiful sight. Visitors take camel rides, drive through and even walk on foot to witness and visit places that most people do not even know of!

When To Go

The deserts are generally very hot and dry and rains are rare. At times currents offshore cause heavy dew and foggy weather. The southern parts of the deserts in the proper Saharan region are extremely cold during nights. The temperatures can be freezing during the months of December and January. The winters are extremely cold and dry and the sun shines for just five hours. So, tours to this part of the world depend mainly on the tourists’ preferences. August is the festive season and the coasts are absolutely brimming with tourists.

Top Tips

  • While driving through deserts, be careful and drive on the road- the region is filled with unexplored mines in the less traversed regions.
  • Medical insurance is must before you travel to Western Sahara.
  • When you go for tours and expeditions in the desert, make sure you are accompanies by a person who knows the desert very well.
  • Be equipped with proper gear for sand skiing.
  • Don’t try to dive and snorkel around the beaches- you may hurt yourself.
  • Carry proper clothes in accordance with the season. Sunscreen is an absolute must.
  • Never forget to carry water.
  • Respect the local Muslim traditions. Women should try to avoid skimpy clothes.
  • Homosexuality is criminal. Extramarital relations are also illegal.
  • Don’t carry Bibles in Arabic.
  • Carrying even small amounts of drugs can lead to ten years of imprisonment.

Classic Itineraries

  • Deep sea fishing in the coastal regions
  • Caravan or desert safari tours across the deserts
  • Sand skiing on the dunes
  • Hot air ballooning over the desert


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