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PureTravel Says
“The volcanic origins of the Comoros Islands can still be seem today, the name giving an exotic feel to these small islands off the coast of Southern Tanzania/North Mozambique. Their coastal waters are perfect for an idyllic beach holiday with water sports aplenty and superb diving. Combine this with hiking up Mount Kartala or biking along the coast, and you discover that there is more to these islands than the white sands.”

Comoros Holiday Highlights

Diving and Watersports - The diving and weatersport opportunities on the Comoros are about as good as you’re going to find. Mwali and Pamanzi islets near Mahore are famed for their excellent diving, while the Trou du Prophete in Misamiouli on Ngazidja (the biggest island) and other bays also provide great diving and reef snorkeling. If you’d like to get certified in diving, then you can try the excellent diving school on Galawa Beach on Grande Comore. If you’re into beaches, then you can try Bouni, Chomoni, Itsandra, Galawa beaches. If you like sailing, kayaking or canoeing, there are many favorable places to get out on the water with easy entry and exit points.

Walking and Trekking - One of the smallest islands in the Comoros Archipelago is Mwali, just west of Nzwani. On it, you’ll find one of the most fascinating crater lakes at its heart. Labeled Dziani Boundouni, this sulfur crater lake makes a great full-day trek. You can reach it and make it back to Fomboni in less than a day, as long as you leave early enough. If you want more than a day, or a challenging full-day hike at that, then Njazidja island offers the highest mountain in the Comoros group. Mount Kartala is geared for only the experienced hiker as the peak reaches 2,361 meters. Like Mwali (with a peak at 1,575 meters), there is a crater here, and to reach it, pre-book a guide through your tour operator. Hiking and trekking on the other islands provide some interesting coastal walks. There are four (some say three) main islands to choose from, with small islets scattered talong the routes.

Mountain Biking - Mountain biking in the Comoros is an up-and-coming activity, especially for travelers who want to experience the islands and get to see the interior and coastal villages. A bike on the Comoros is a fantastic way to get up and personal with your surroundings. It’s wise to bring your own bike, as renting one that can handle the terrain and be comfortable can be a problem. Also watch out for the terrain – the volcanic rocks can be sharp and no good for your tyres.

Fishing - Fishing in the Comoros Archipelago is exceptional. There are plenty of sheltered lagoons and open ocean for deep-sea fishing. You can either charter a dedicated fishing boat or hire a local pirogue (like a canoe with a motor) to take you out for the day. Make sure you go with a licensed operator to ensure that the safety equipment is working OK.

Turtle Watching Trips - The green turtle often visits to the Comoros. It is a protected marine creature that comes to Moheli, where there is a marine reserve on the southern coastal tip. You can get there quite easily by motorized canoe and your tour operator can book you a trip from a number of spots; most local fisherman take tourists to see the green turtles from Niumashuwa.

When To Go

You’ll find the Comoros Island very tropical and similar in weather. The peak on Njazidja, for example, is cooler than the lower coastal areas. The coasts, additionally, are hot and humid, most of the rain coming in between January and April; cyclones are more possible between these months as well. If there is rain on the coast, you can be sure there is precipitation in the higher elevations, as these get more rain than the lowland areas. Rains can fall anytime amidst the first of November to the end of April.

Top Tips

  • Bring your own equipment, especially bike and extra tires and rims. You’ll not have an option to buy anything of higher grade on any of the islands.
  • There have been some attempts at coups with political unrest. Be sure to check that this year is a safe time to travel to the Comoros.

Classic Itineraries

  • Mount Kartala
  • Diving on Mwali and Pamanzi islets
  • Hiking to Craters
  • Green Turtle Watching

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