Palm Springs Beyond Coachella: 5 Cool Festivals

by Julia on July 11, 2019

Most people know Palm Springs, California because it’s where the infamous Coachella music festival is held every year. Days of fun, music, and Instagram photos ensues, but is this the only time of year to visit?

It turns out there are a lot of festivals that call Palm Springs home, so you might want to plan a trip to this desert oasis during a different time of year. Since the 1920s, it has been the vacation spot for the rich and famous of Hollywood. Now, it’s a great destination for single travelers, couples, and families alike. Let’s explore the best festivals this city has to offer.

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1. El Paseo Fashion Week

If you’ve ever wanted to visit Fashion Week in Paris or New York, but it’s a bit too far away, why not head to the desert? Every year in March, Fashion Week El Paseo celebrates style and trends at the West Coast’s largest consumer fashion show.

Located in Palm Desert, you can see all of the latest and greatest fashion as well as fun events. This is the best time to spot celebrities or get your style on as a fledgling fashionista. Learn more about next year’s event on their website.

2. Modernism Week

One of the most anticipated events here is Modernism Week. Hosted every year over two weekends in February, this is when the locals and travelers celebrate MidCentury Modern design and architecture.

During the event, some of the most stylish and glamorous homes are open to the public. Tour the homes, take in the sights, and get some style inspiration. This is the best way to get a taste for the gorgeous style of this remarkable place.

3. Film Festival

Palm Springs is in California after all, so it’s no surprise that it’s home to one of the biggest international film festivals. Hosted by the Palm Springs International Film Society, there are a number of film-themed events every year. The biggest award event of the season is the annual Film Awards celebration in January, but there’s also a short film show in June.

Come see the most exciting films by some of the world’s greatest filmmakers all in this glamorous setting. It’s a glimpse back in time to the chicest excitement of Hollywood.

4. Desert Classic Golf Tournament

It wouldn’t be Palm Springs without some golfing! There’s an abundance of golf courses, and with good reason. The weather is perfect for teeing off all year long, but the Desert Classic in January is the biggest event of the year.

This is a PGA tour stop with some of the greatest golfers competing for the prize. Even if you’re not interested in golf, this is a great place to learn about the sport, spectate, and enjoy some great sights at some of the most beautiful golf courses.

5. Splash House

If music festivals are your thing but you missed Coachella, now’s your chance to get in on the fun. Everyone knows the best way to enjoy Palm Springs is by staying at a vacation rental, but Splash House lets you still take advantage of the best hotels in the area. Check this out for more information about the best places to stay.

During Splash House weekend in June and August, you gain access to three of the hottest pools in Palm Springs, each with their own sound stage and music performances. The resorts and lineup change every year, so check out the latest here.

See the Best of the Best

Palm Springs is the perfect getaway, so why not take in one of these festivals during your visit? There’s so much to see and explore once you step into the desert. It’s still home to the rich and famous of Hollywood, so who knows who you might bump into?

From golf classics to international architecture, this is truly an oasis in the desert. Plan your trip today to discover the best of Palm Springs for yourself.

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