7 Things To Consider When Choosing Accommodation

by Julia on February 11, 2019

Whether you’re traveling for business or vacation, your accommodation should be in your travel checklist. You can decide if your accommodation can be one of the highlights of your trip. On the other hand, you can also prefer a simple place where you can sleep and rest. Either way, here are some considerations you need to think before choosing your accommodation for your next travel:

1. Budget
Your budget whether big or small should be on top of your considerations when choosing accommodation. Most people would like to stay in budget-friendly accommodation during their trip so that they can spend the money on other experiences and activities. There’s a lot of budget
friendly accommodation such as:
● Hostels
● Capsule hotels
● Dormitories
There’s also accommodation that lets you save money during your trip. This includes:
● Couch surfing
● House exchange
● Religious immersion like monasteries
But if you want your accommodation to be the highlight of your trip, splurging on beautiful resorts and villas will be the best choice for you. Haven on Earth might be the best destination for you.

2. Location
Another consideration is the location of the accommodation and its proximity to the places you want to visit during your trip. Moreover, if you’re exploring the city using public transportation, you need to choose a place to stay that’s accessible to train stations or bus stops. You also need to consider its proximity to establishments that will be necessary for your trip, like restaurants and grocery stores. Before you book your accommodation, research on the neighborhood where it’s located, you should always think of your security and protection especially when you’re away from home.

3. Accommodation type
Unlike before, travelers now have a lot of options to choose from on where to stay during their trip. They aren’t limited to stay in fancy hotels that are sometimes not worth the price. With the rise of vacation and house rentals, travelers can now have a comfortable experience even if
they’re miles away from home. If you’re feeling adventurous, there’s out of the ordinary accommodation types like glamping or even tree houses.

4. Facilities and amenities
If you’re particular not just on the place to stay but also to the other features of the entire place, then you should also consider what the place has to offer. This is a significant consideration if you’re staying for pleasure. If you’re into fitness, you might want to choose a hotel that has gym
facilities. Or if you’re a bookworm and you want to experience the most relaxing atmosphere, then you might want to select a quiet accommodation with a beautiful view of the beach. Choosing your accommodation should also align with your travel checklist. Make sure that the accommodation you book provides amenities like toiletries, hair dryer, and towels especially if you’re a traveler who relies on these items. These additional accommodation features will make you enjoy a stress-free vacation.

5. Size of accommodation
This is applicable if you’re traveling with your family or friends. You want to avoid squeezing everyone in a small space, which can bring a lot of stress to everyone. Most accommodation states the floor area of the rooms they have so it’s always better to check if it will fit the entire
party. A great idea if you’re traveling with a large group is to rent an entire vacation home or apartment. The good thing here is that the whole house will be yours and you don’t have to be careful of other neighboring guests complaining of too much noise coming from your room. You
can also opt to cook food for the entire family since the kitchen is available in these types of accommodation.

6. Reviews

The good thing about any accommodation now is you get a glimpse of guest experiences during their stay in the place. This is quite helpful for future travelers as a reference if it’s an excellent place to stay or not. However, don’t entirely rely on online reviews you see on the internet. You can also consider asking some of your friends or colleagues for recommendations where they stayed during their trip.

7. Policies
Things like check-in and check-out times and cancellation policies should also be one of your consideration when choosing a place of stay. If you’re not yet sure of your preferred dates, make sure that the accommodation you select allows cancellations, but make sure that you follow their grace period or else you’ll be automatically charged with the entire cost. If you’re traveling with your kids and pets, you might also need to make sure the place is child-friendly and that they allow pets in the area.
Final thoughts
There’s a lot of consideration you need to think first before you choose your accommodation. Aside from comfort, the place should also be able to fulfill your needs like facilities, area size, and accessibility.

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