5 Must Haves to Carry When Traveling

by Julie on September 27, 2018

In the words of Hans Christian Andersen, “To travel is to live.” Whenever our pocket allows, we find ourselves booking a ticket and making hotel reservations. People travel as much and as long as they can. The hunger for new experiences in us frequently influences us to head off to faraway places and explore new lands. Once the place has been decided, we book our tickets, pack our backpacks, and take off to have a great time. Nonetheless, most of us tend to forget that we need to be taking along specific travel accessories to make our journey pleasant and comfortable. These are the items, which if overlooked, will cause us great inconvenience and might affect our travel plans.

To help you sort out what you should be carrying, here is our pick of five must-haves:

  1. Lifestraw

Lifestraw is perfect for climbing, hiking, outdoors, travel, and emergency readiness. It lets you change up to 1000 litres of polluted water into safe drinkable water. Now, do we further need to clarify the utility of taking along a lifestraw?

  1. Universal Travel Adapter

In today’s world, it is an absolute necessity to pack a travel adapter. Different countries have different standards of electric outlets. You absolutely need to carry a travel adapter so as to charge electrical gadgets such as cellphone, camera, laptop, and other essential devices.

  1. Wristwatch

A wristwatch while traveling is as necessary as your boarding ticket. You are going to be travelling in a different time zone. In case you do not have one already, this is a great time to buy a sturdy watch such as Omega Aqua Terra for your trip.

If you are going to be moving from one plane to another to catch a connecting flight or getting on the train for a day trip. All you will need to do is pull up your sleeve (or not if you are wearing a half-sleeve shirt), and look down for the time. It is simply more convenient than taking out your phone to check the time or stopping by-passers to let you know the time. In some places your phone is not allowed so a wristwatch will be essential.

  1. Safety Locks

Many people take safety locks with them, yet they still do not comprehend its usefulness. You are traveling on your own and no matter how welcoming the place looks; it is hard to trust strangers. Safety locks should be one of the top-priority items-to-carry on your list. You always need to protect your luggage regardless of where you are making a trip.

  1. First Aid Kit & Medicines

No one can tell when an unfortunate incident can happen to you. However, it is much anticipated to fall sick when you are traveling to a newer place. It is nothing but basic to take a first aid kit and medicines alongside you to help yourself in times of desperate need. Make sure to include these items in your medical kit: bandages, cotton balls, tweezers, ointment/antiseptic, thermometer, cold compress, antacids, and painkillers.

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