Tips On How to Make the Most of an Extended Hotel Stay

by Julie on January 8, 2018


A lot of jobs involve moving from cities to cities and when you’re in the hotel industry, you just have to pack your things and go. Having your family with you means that the significant other also changes their job and if you also have kids, then it gets tougher. But being in the hotel industry allows you to live in a hotel room for a certain amount of time, especially if your position is important. This is a great way to adjust to the new city and find a good property to purchase.

You will see that the new and temporary home can be amazing, but extended stays at hotels can be stressing too. How can you make it more agreeable? Here are some tips you might find handy if you’re going to stay in a hotel room for a longer period of time.

1. Get a Suite

It’s important to have a big room or a suite, because in time it will feel like you don’t have enough space.

2. Get the Extras

Ask for a refrigerator, perhaps a DVD player and other things that are missing from a standard room. A coffee maker would be amazing to make yourself your own cup of coffee with the cream you got in that fridge instead of calling room service every morning.

3. Keep The Space Organized

It’s very important to keep the room clean, because it will make the space look bigger. A messy room will make you feel irritable and you won’t even know the reason for which you’re so annoyed.

4. The Laundry

Some hotels include services like laundry and dry cleaning, but it might not be as great as you expected. Ask a hotel employee to tell you if there is a dry cleaner that provides good services. If you don’t like someone else washing your underwear, then get a bunch of them to have for all the days you’re gone and some extra on top.

5. Privacy is Important

Living in a hotel for many days can be a bit uncomfortable when the housekeeper comes every day to clean your room, scrub the bath, vacuum, change linens and so on. You can avoid it by keeping the “Do Not Disturb” sign on your door and ask for the housekeeper to come once every two days to get the trash and change your towels. As for the full service, it would be best to ask for it once a week or less, depending on how much mess you make.

6. What You Eat is Important

Remember that you’re not on a vacation, so it’s important to have a healthy diet. Hotel food is great, but you will need to make time and go for some shopping of your own. Get fruits and veggies and healthy cereal – see why you need that fridge?

You should also go to the hotel’s gym or to a nearby one to stay healthy and in good shape.

7. The Room is Not Your Cave

It might feel nice to stay cozy inside your room, with room service to your door and everything, but it’s important to get out of the building and visit the town. Go to a restaurant, the park, a museum. If you’ve got kids, take them to the park or go somewhere fun. You’ll see that unwinding will lower your stress levels a lot!


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