5 Travel Adventures Every Nature Lover Should Put to Their Bucket List

by Julie on September 8, 2017

No matter what our political views or social values are, people should be united when it comes to protecting nature.

Don’t get the wrong idea: you don’t have to be incredibly rich or in a position of power to make a difference. Just raising awareness in your community and changing the attitudes your friends and family have towards conservation and animal rescue can be a crucial step.

The following places are perfect examples of how we can raise awareness when it comes to endangered species or animal abuses. Visiting them will not only give you the irreplaceable experience of interacting with fascinating animals, but it also puts you on a list of contributors to the planet’s health.

So pack your bags and read ahead, because we will present five of the best attractions for animal lovers.

  1. 1.    Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary, Spain

If you think only pandas or tigers need to be rescued, then you should think again. There are thousands of exploited animals that are underrepresented in the world of conservation, and even then you might miss some obvious victims: farm animals.

Places like the Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary, situated in the North of Spain, work to offer farm animals a better life, free of exploitation and cruelty. The organization promotes veganism and presents an unpopular, but the very reasonable view on how we treat the animals we usually grow for food.

Check it out and have a little food for thought when visiting the dozens of rescued farm animals.

  1. 2.    Gashaka-Gumpti National Park, Nigeria

One of the most spectacular natural parks you can visit is the Gashaka-Gumpti National Park in Nigeria. Among the things that make it stand apart are its diversity and untouched areas of wild nature.

The park got its name from two historical villages, and it was established in 1991 after it became evident that conservation efforts are needed to preserve this piece of paradise. It spreads across the Adamawa and Taraba State.

The park has a very diverse geography, allowing it to host a multitude of different species, from chimpanzees and African buffalos to elephants and the 500 species of birds living there. And with thousands of species of insects and plants that you can study or admire, the Gashaka-Gumpti Park is an ideal destination for any nature and animal lover out there.

  1. 3.    Valley of Flowers and Hemkund Sahib Trek, Himalaya

This amazing mountain route is famous for its diversity of alpine flowers species and its beautiful sights. Don’t worry if you are a beginner; this trek will not require much special training. At the same time, you can enjoy the views without worrying about the route itself.

This wild area is home to the Asiatic black bear, the snow leopard and the blue sheep, all of them endangered species that are constantly being monitored and protected.

  1. 4.    Big Cat Rescue, Florida

One of the most famous animal sanctuaries in the Northern Hemisphere is the Big Cat Rescue near Florida, U.S. The organization is saving abused and abandoned big cats since 1992, and it is one of the biggest facilities in the world dedicated to the giant felines.

From ocelots to Siberian tigers, the Big Cat Rescue facility is home to over 80 felines that have been given a second chance to live. Visiting requires making an appointment and paying the tour in advance, so be sure to book ahead.

  1. 5.    Ol Pejeta Conservancy, Kenya

You can experience the true wilderness of Africa by taking a tour in the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya.

Do you want to make this experience unique?

How about exploring the savannah on horseback?

You cannot get a more exciting excursion than that. For a truly one of a kind experience, you can get accommodation in luxury tents and get one of the most breath taking views you’ve ever seen.

No matter where you choose to go, respecting nature is a must, and it comes with the satisfaction of contributing to the greater good – even just a little. Keep your eyes open for products that might involve poaching or exploitation of animals and do not encourage the black market animal trade. Don’t buy animal derived products or live animals from your trips, unless you know it comes from a responsible, animal-friendly source!


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