Why a wine tour in Tuscany should be a must for everyone in life

by Julie on September 1, 2017

While Tuscany is well known for its incredible emerald green landscapes, the art of making wine has been embedded in Italian culture for centuries. In this article, I will outline the reasons why a wine tour in Tuscany should be on your to-do-list especially if you are a wine connoisseur.


In order to experience the joy of a pure Chianti wine, you must take a trip to the representing region. Less than 20km from the heart of Florence, this gorgeous area is aligned with vineyards and wineries. This allows you to experience the beauty of the Italian landscape whilst drinking your exquisitely sophisticated glass of wine.

In terms of the wine itself, the Chianti is made of at least 80% Sangiovese grapes. This famous wine is sometimes left in its pure state, or otherwise blended with a little Cabernet, Merlot or Syrah, just in order to soften the dryness of the taste.


Even if you are dragging your husband or wife with you on this trip, and they are not lovers of wine, Montalcino will not fail to impress. Val d’Orcia is an UNESCO World Heritage Site of Tuscany, and its beauty has astonished both the locals and the tourists who have gazed upon the site. Featuring a landscape of vibrant symmetric green hills, this location looks as if taken from a painting.

Here you will be able to try the infamous Brunello wine, whose colour is slightly different than one might expect. Dark brown notes are present in this wine, however the green hills will balance anything else.


Another impressive area is Bolgheri. Located between the crystal clear Mediterranean Sea and old villages, this area has the perfect conditions needed in order to create an exquisite wine; the combination of climate, soil, altitude and water results in a high quality wine.

The Tuscan region is the perfect location for a wine tour, however Bolgheri seems to stand out. Whether you choose to have an old fashioned lunch with Tuscan bread and meats, or whether you just want to enjoy a glass of wine, this panoramic location is quite breathtaking. With an international profile, The Bolgheri wine features ruby red and cherry colours, whilst the aromas remind you of a oaky barrel filled with berries.

San Gimignano

While the area is considered famous for its gelato, San Gimignano will not disappoint you in terms of its wines. White wine is more prominent in this area, and this is where Vernaccia is produced. Although the dryness of this wine might put some people off, the notes of this wine resemble a well written symphony. And thus it’s not surprising that the poet Dante made a reference to this wine in his book, the Purgatorio.


If you love the environment as much as you love wine, than the Salcheto winery is sure to grow on you. Since most of the consumed energy comes from renewable sources and recycled materials, this is a truly remarkable example of how we can both enjoy our hobbies while being respectful to the environment. Moreover, Salcheto is certified organic, and solar panels are providing all the needed energy in order to make Salcheto Europe’s first green carbon footprint winery.

While most people already acknowledge Tuscany as being a painting-like region, what most may not know is that hidden within Tuscany are gorgeous wineries that stretch further than the naked eye can see. Thus you may not need to be an avid wine lover in order to appreciate Tuscany, all whilst allowing someone you love to experience high-class wines, first hand!

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