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by Julie on October 28, 2016

There are dozens of reasons why boatloads of tourists troop to the beautiful and magical Phuket Island in Thailand every summer. But did you know that you can enjoy spending time at the island’s beautiful sandy beaches or taking a yacht tour around Phuket while staying at an amazing private villa? Villa Sanyanga is one of Thailand’s premier luxury villas. With its stunning architectural designs, plentiful modern amenities and wonderful hosts, you will definitely enjoy staying in Phuket.

Here are 9 reasons why Villa Sanyanga is the best place to stay in Phuket

Amazing combination of ancient Chinese, colonial and modern architecture

Whether you love architecture or not, you will definitely fall in love with the design and splendor of this villa. It is huge and airy. The view outside is spectacular. There are lots of palm trees and lush greenery around the house. You can even see the ocean from your own bedroom. Imagine that! Each room has its own unique design and decorations.

Excellent staff

The staff here at Villa Sanyanga are amazing! They are friendly and are eager to offer you anything you and your entourage need. There is a private chef, Lily, and three maids. The chef here can make you almost anything you want to eat. She specializes in making Thai curries, soup, and rice dishes. Not to worry, she can also quickly whip up some delectable continental dishes for you if you don’t want to try out those exotic dishes. The staff work together to create an unforgettable personalized vacation for every guest.

Amazing modern amenities

Yes, just because you are going for a vacation does not mean you have to leave behind the luxuries of the modern day world. At Villa Sanyanga, you will still get to watch satellite TV (to follow those football matches back home), access high-speed internet, listen to music (through a Sonos surround system), and cool yourself to sleep courtesy of the powerful but quiet air conditioners in every room.

Location! Location! Location!

This luxury villa is located close to the top five attraction sites in Phuket. From its location up the hills next to the beach, you will get to enjoy spectacular panoramic views of Surin beach and the surrounding leafy countryside.

Fantastic VIP treatment

If you book this villa, then you won’t have to worry about transport at all. The villa has a private 15-seater minibus with a driver. The driver is courteous and knows all the best destinations around town. She speaks good English and also acts as a tour guide. And that’s not all! You also have an opportunity to take a yacht cruise to isolated tropical islands around Phuket. If you would like something faster, Villa Sanyanga offers its guests private speedboat tours to many idyllic locations around the island including the jaw-dropping Phang Nga Bay rock formations and cliffs, hidden lagoons, isolated beaches and the Phang Nga Bay Marine National Park known for its rich marine life.

Infinity pool

Whether you just want to take selfies or enjoy some exciting time alone with your loved ones then the villa’s expansive infinity pool will do just right! Get to bathe in the luxury of this pool, its swim up bar, the strategically located loungers (under a well-shady tree!), and a magnificent Thai Sala (outdoors shade).


The world loves Phuket! Unlike other sites that almost everybody has visited, Phuket is tucked away in one corner of the world and has a lower number of foreign visitors. There is something special and magical about this villa and the surrounding countryside. The sun rises and sunsets are out of this world! The well-carved idols and figurines spatially placed around the villa help make the experience even more surreal.


You can easily visit this villa with your young ones. The villa has pool protection and several cots and child car seats to protect your little ones when you are sleeping or when you guys are out and about. The staff also offer babysitting services. Simply ask the villa manager and it will be quickly arranged. Lily can also prepare special meals for your children, making sure that the whole family is well taken care of.

Thai massage

This one obviously deserves its own special paragraph. You will get to enjoy a relaxing Thai massage from one of the staffs in this villa. Their experienced hands and use of exotic oils will ease any muscle tension and instantly increase your mental alertness!

As you can see, Villa Sanyanga is a paradise on its own. You can get to enjoy yourself in Phuket without even having to leave the villa. However, if you would still like a reminder or two on why Phuket is on so many people’s dream destination lists, I will do the honors. Phuket is paradise – it is the complete package. You will love the sunny weather, the sandy isolated beaches, the turquoise waters, the waterfalls and vistas, the amazing limestone rock formations and diverse marine life. Many have confessed that there is nothing around the world that matches the stunning natural beauty of this 222.4 mi2 island.

Did I mention that there are twenty-nine Buddhist temples around the Island? These colorful, intricately designed temples have a rich history. Some of them have been in existence for hundreds of years. The residents of this island are also quite friendly to tourist. You will feel right at home whether you are in the villa or simply visiting the town.

Wrapping it all up

Touring distant places such as Phuket can be fun. However, you can end up having a not so good holiday experience if you choose the wrong place to stay during your vacation. Villa Sanyanga is one of those alternative places to stay in Phuket. This private luxurious villa has all that you need to have a good time in Phuket. A one-week stay in Sanyanga could be all you need to get yourself well rested and have a blast away from home! Make an inquiry now to book your stay in this magnificent villa.

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