4 Must Visit Historical Sites in Turkey

by Jules on October 10, 2013

Any history lover would find a wealth of things to do and see when visiting Turkey. The country has a vast history going back thousands of years. Throughout time battles have been fought there and empires built up only to be destroyed by the next conqueror. Today you will find an abundance of ancient sites and cities to visit when you are on your Turkey holiday.

So what are some of the must see sites? Well, to start with, the Ruins of Epheses is one you don’t want to miss. First an ancient Greek city founded around the 10th century BC, and then later a Roman city, these ruins are what is left of a once thriving civilization. The Temple of Artemis once stood there and was considered one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. It was destroyed and rebuilt several times, but unfortunately only its foundation remains. In better condition is the Small Theatre, the Odeion, which was built by the Romans and could seat about 1,400 people in a semi-circle. You could easily spend the day walking about these ruins and get a real feel of what life was like back in ancient times.

Of course everyone has heard the story of Troy. And when you visit Turkey on your holiday you will be able to spend some time at the ruins of this ancient city. Built about 4,000 years ago and home to one of the most famous battles in history, the ruins of Troy were rediscovered in 1822 and later archaeological discoveries confirmed that a battle had taken place there. Today when you visit the site you will see a replica of the famous Trojan horse.

The Cappadocia underground cities are also a popular tourist spot to visit. These cities were built underground to house early Christians who were hiding out from being persecuted. One of the largest underground cities is Derinkuyu. It is also part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. When you go down underground you will see a huge network of homes and communal areas that could house more than two thousand people. A unique feature found in this particular city located on the second level down is a large vaulted room that is thought to have been used for religious studies. Further down on lower levels there is also a church. These vast cities are not to be missed when visiting Turkey.

Another great site rich in History is Bodrum Castle. Located in the south west region of Turkey, the Castle dates back to the 15th century and is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the country. There is a Museum of Underwater Archaeology on the site, overlooking the marina of Bodrum, where you will find a massive selection of traditional and historic sailing crafts. The museum houses a collection of amphoras, ancient glass, bronze and is the largest of its kind.

Overall, you will find many historical sites throughout Turkey, that will make taking a holiday there a top priority for history lovers.

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