The Rockies Versus Alaska – Which Is The Best US Rail Holiday?

by Jules on June 18, 2013

For lovers of rugged countryside, stunning landscapes and those who wish to enjoy a real sense of adventure, it’s very difficult to choose between the Rockies and Alaska.

Alaska is world famous for still possessing some of the last stretches of uninhabited wilderness, though recent mineral exploration in the region ensures a future battle between beauty and commercial exploitation. One of the most exciting USA Rail holidays that you can take is to explore this region while it is still relatively unexploited, yet the Rockies offer a similar level of contrast and intrigue.

The magnificent Rockies

Stretching from Canada in the North and New Mexico in the South, the Rocky Mountains are an amazing natural phenomenon. You will undoubtedly be in awe of the achievements of the early railroad constructors and engineers. The line really exemplifies the American pioneer spirit and this train journey will prove to be truly awe-inspiring.

The Denver and Rio Grande railroad provide you with a perfect view of these magnificent natural phenomena without having to disembark and climb the craggy mountains yourself. The Rocky Mountain National Park is just outside Denver and there you’ll find it easier to wander at your ease and really take in the animals as well as the various flowers and plants that are found here.

Amazing Alaska

Alaska is a region that is relatively uninhabited and thus offers a wonderful opportunity to take in a variety of delights while staying comfortable within the confines of a train. Great Rail offers a combined trip of both cruise and rail so that you can really experience this area without having to undergo some of the discomforts that often accompany road trips here.

Alaska’s capital city Juneau is definitely worth a visit, if only to appreciate some of the difficulties undergone by the early miners during the State’s first gold rush. A boat can take you further along the Alaskan coast where you’ll be able to watch whales and really feel that part of the landscape.

National Parks

The Jasper National Park includes waterfalls, gorges and Maligne Lake, which is filled with glacier-fed turquoise water. You will start to feel that Alaska is about as far from Western Civilization as it is possible to get and maybe this is the major part of the state’s appeal.

The Rocky Mountain National Park is more visited than Alaska and the imprint of man is visible. As to which of these attractions is better, well it’s all a matter of personal taste. With the pristine wilderness and equally stunning scenery they offer – the jury’s still out on this question.

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